Looking for new places to try in South Wales


May 5, 2020
Hi all,

I’d like to hear some of your recommendations on places to fish in the South Wales area, I live in the Aberdare area but have access to a car so I don’t mind travelling a bit, I mostly fish with a float or do some feeder/ledgering, so what places would you recommend that have a variety of species?


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Apr 1, 2013
Both of the above are nice fisheries and I can definitely recommend Holgan farm.......However they are a bloody long way from Aberdare about 2-3 hours each way. When I lived over the mountain from you I used to use Cefn Mabaly (though I don't go anymore as it has changed its approach and is much more specimen carp orientated on the day tickets), Dyffrynn springs, Tri-nant near the royal mint, Hazel court near Cowbridge, Trefaldau near Monmouth, White springs just outside Swansea all of those are available on a day ticket. It is also worth checking out the Glamorgan angling assoc web site as they have some good stillwaters within easy reach of you as do Newport angling assoc. Port Talbot docks is also available on a day ticket although I have never actually got round to fishing that myself (keep promising myself too) also there are the odd small reservoir dotted about which with a little digging can throw up some good results (I think there is one near Tredegar) along with the reservoirs at Myther (not sure about tickets for these). The lake at Festival park at Ebbw Vale also looks promising but again not sure if you can fish this on a day ticket or if it is members only. It is worth a chat with the guys in the tackle shop at Tredegar and Garry Evans both in Cardiff and Newport