Log-in and Registration using Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts


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Aug 8, 2001
We've now added the ability to Log-in or Register to the forums using FaceBook, Twitter and Google accounts if you have one and if you want to use it

please see below:

If you are already a registered member, you have to first associate your Maggotdrowning member name with the account you wish to use.
Click on your profile image (top right) and then click on 'Connected accounts'



You should now see this:


Click the 'Associate with.....' button to connect your Maggotdrowning account with your chosen login


When logging in to the Maggotdrowners Forums in future, you will be presented with the following screen (desktop PC)


Click the button for the method you wish to use, ie Facebook, Twitter or Google

If you run into problems and see the following error message:


This means that the email address in your Facebook, Twitter or Google login is registered previously to another Maggotdrowning account you may have had at some point. Please PM me your email address and I will look into it for you

If your forum email address is different to your Facebook, Twitter or Google address you will be presented with the following screen (dependant or your chosen login method)
Click the highlighted tab 'Associate existing account' to add to your existing username


and refer back to the beginning of this post for information on how to associate your existing account.

New members can now register the normal way, or by using their Facebook, Twitter or Google account for verification.

Any problems please let me know

PLEASE NOTE: You can still log in and register as previously, you do not need to re-register or have a Facebook, Twitter or Google account to use the forums :)