Lockwood Looked Lovely

Simon R

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May 19, 2002
Beautiful, bright blue skies and a gentle breeze greeted my arrival at Lockwood Beck Reservoir for our latest match the Mike Winney Memorial Trophy. For the back end of September the weather was excellent, 22C recorded on Saturday and today forecast to be very similar, although rain was approaching apparently. Tink had cried off mid-week with back trouble, however Peter was fishing so we were still eleven strong. The size of the field left me with Hobson’s Choice when it came to which bank to fish – eleven along the woods side of the reservoir would mean a couple having to cross the feeder streams and fish from the moor – a long old walk.

So it was the dam wall I pegged – from just prior to the valve house back towards the car-park. Generally the reservoir gets deeper the further along you go, with the valve house and the abstraction pipes marking the deepest point before it shallows a little on at the Smeatons Road side.
Last time I fished I was probably somewhere near where I’d positioned peg five today so I was hoping to be in the same vicinity – I pulled out peg two and found I was sandwiched between the two Robs – Wood on peg 1, Bunning on Peg 3. There’s an unbroken weed-bed along the length of the dam wall – it only grows in the margins and never seems to grow more than two or three feet off the bottom. In the shallower pegs where I was it extends out for quite a distance, gradually tapering back in as the margins get deeper towards the centre of the dam.


I pulled out a couple of tip rods and two waggler rods – the 12’ Acolyte Carp I intended to use with a float set shallow to fish above the weed – the more powerful rod to hopefully prevent any sizeable fish diving straight back into it. I also had an elderly 13’ Daiwa Amorphous waggler rod that I picked up at a car-boot sale some time ago but had only used once to date and I’d yet to ‘christen’ it. This had a 3AAA insert waggler attached, set at 9’ deep, with a 0.10mm hooklength and a Kamasan B611 size 18.

I started on the feeder and after a couple of quick chucks to get some bait in sat back in anticipation of getting a few bites – other than a squashed maggot on the drop and a decent rattle after switching to worm I never had a sign so after an hour I binned it and switched to the waggler. I’d been feeding a line beyond the weed with loose fed casters since the start and after missing one bite connected with the next and a little (2oz) roach was safely in the net. I got another a few minutes later and that was it. Problem was the tow was immense and the float was skidding through the peg as though I was fishing the Trent, dragging line on the bottom helped when fishing beyond the weed but I obviously couldn’t do that when fishing over the weed.



Rob to my right had started on the pole and then switched to the feeder which got him a couple of net roach but nothing else – to my left I’d heard that Steve had a big perch and there were some small perch getting caught at the far-end where Peter and Frankie were pegged. I possibly jinxed Chris by putting “Two wins in a row for Chris – can he make it three” in my last report as he hadn’t had a bite – neither had Barry who left early complaining about two-foot waves. Shortly after he left the wind died almost entirely and half the reservoir became like a sheet of glass,

I took this as a cue to return to the waggler but the incessant tow was still very much present and after an abortive 30 minutes I went back to the feeder. Nothing else much happened from my point of view – Rob continued to pick up small perch at intervals on the pole – making me wish I’d brought mine, the better presentation it offers evidently being essential today.


Starting the weigh-in with Rob his collection of perch and that early brace of roach weighed 2lb 8oz.


My two roach went 4oz


Rob Bunning never had a bite and Steve only had one – resulting in this nice perch of 1lb 2oz

Of the next five anglers only Mike weighed in – a 5oz perch which came from his only bite too

Down at the far-end Peter and Frankie had, had slightly busier days, with a small collection of perch – the roach that Rob caught made all the difference as Peter fell 5oz short of his weight and Frankie just three.

Image00004.jpg Image00001.jpg
I’ve no explanation of why it fished so poorly – I guess it’s a risk you take when fishing a natural water – you’re not gonna bag up every session. Next up we’re on another more or less natural water – Grange farm Pond once again for our annual Pike Cup and that’s followed by a trip down to Cundall on the Swale at the back-end of next month. There’s one peg spare at Grange Farm if anyone fancies a spot of piking on October 6th.



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May 1, 2016
Simon. keeping an eye on anything Lockwood Beck as to choose when to get on this year. But, as you have experienced its not ready yet. We have had some early morning frosts and cold raid up here and I believe the fish are not acclimated yet. We need some settled weather of any sort not these fluctuating temperatures and cold snaps. I was out last Sunday locally and it fished poorly too. So hope for a long spell of steady temp' and no sudden changes.

Mike atkinson

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Nov 22, 2013
I fished it back in July,, I had one perch all day, no one else there fishing, just a few dog walkers, I won’t be going back there, I complained to Northumbrian water, they said they’d had cormorant problems and gave me my money back.