Local club lake.


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Aug 6, 2011
To describe the place as Pike soup would be a slight exaggeration but there's loads of the toothy critters in there from tiny up to circa 20lb. So, looking at the weather forecast for this and next week - unremitting rain except to-day - I didst sally forth armed with my Piking gear and some suitably delicious looking deadbaits. Upon arrival at said lake I discovered two other people fishing.
Angler 1. "No mate, nothing but I've only been here a short time"
Angler 2. "Nothing yet. Lovely morning isn't it".
So I settled down into a suitably looking Pikey swim which was basically a reed fringed bay.
And so I proceeded to give bathing sessions to Sardines, Joey Mackerel and Roach. To no avail at all. Not a touch, not a nothing.
I packed up at three of the clock as did the other two.
Angler 1. No mate, nothing at all".
Angler 2. I had two half-hearted runs but failed to connect both times.

I expect that to-morrow the b100dy b4stard things will go on a feeding spree. Still, that's fishing. If it was easy and consistent we'd get bored.