Little Firefighter

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dave the fish

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Mar 10, 2003
A fire fighter is polishing a fire engine outside the station when
he notices a little girl next door in a little red wagon with
little ladders hung off the side and a garden hose tightly coiled in
the middle. The little girl is wearing a fire fighter's helmet and
has the wagon tied to a dog and cat. The fire fighter walks over to
take a closer look,
"That sure is a nice fire truck," the fire fighter says with admiration.
"Thanks," the girl says. The fire fighter looks a little closer and notices the girl has tied one wagon leash to the dog's collar and one to the cat's testicles.
"Little Partner," the fire fighter says, "I don't want to tell you how to run your fire truck, but if you were to tie that rope around the cat's collar, I think you could probably go a lot faster."
The little girl pauses for a moment to think, looks at the wagon, at the dog and at the cat, then shyly looks up into the fireman's eyes and says......
"You're probably right, but then I wouldn't have a ******* siren, would I?!"


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Jun 20, 2003
I posted that joke two weeks ago [:D]


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