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Feb 27, 2003
hey guys

Just thought it would make an interesting thread if we listed accidents we have had, that caused injury or something. Sometimes, they seem funny, and others, they just sound plain nasty, but could be fun to read non the less. I shall start if I may - hehe

When I was 8, I used to love climbing trees. I found myself one day in a precarious situation in a tree, where there was no-where left to go. It was a case of try and get down the best way I could. I could either let go of the tree, and fall through the branches, or push myself backwards off the tree to avoid the branches. I decided to jump backwards.

I landed on my friends fence, with a leg on either side and my feet did not touch the floor from an 8ft drop. I quickly turned black from my knees up to my ribcage, and a lump popped out next to my willy. A friends dad took me to hospital, where they did a little operation and put the lump back.

Only 3 week after having the stitches removed from next to Mr Pink, a lad at school started a fight with me. Hid finishing blow was an uppercut to, yep you guessed it, Mr Pink. 2 weeks later I was back in hospital having a lump put back on the other side of my willy

There we go

Thats not so bad

Lets hear yours!


Jan 11, 2003
Went on holiday with the wife and kids a few years ago,to a camp site in Skegness no less.
On going to the toilet in the middle of the night at the shower block,I turned the wrong way and walked straight into a bed of thistles............[:(]
The bad part of this is when I say in the middle of the night,think about nobody being around,so because our trailer is closest to the block I`m in the noddy and the thistles are waist height.[:0]
I think I can safely say that my howls of agony with a thistle in my (door handle)woke everyone up and my wifes laughing didn`t help[:I]




Mar 1, 2003
I was fishing with my grandson and Norm at Newton Aycliffe about two years ago, it had been poring all day and Anthony had been winding me up something rotten all day, after a while i got fed up and went to "chastise" him he started running and I did, I slipped on the wet path and went down like a felled tree. I hit the ground with my nose and chest, sustaining a tremendous nose bleed and feeling as if I had broken every bone in my rib cage. What with Anthony crying hysterically and Norm laughing his head off whilst trying to look concerned we probably scared all the fish to the other side of the pond. It took months to feel right again. Norm even had the cheek to comment that if it wasn't for my big nose I might have seriously injured my chin.

Earlier this year we went to Woodlands on a icy day I left my peg to talk to Norm and slipped on a patch of ice on my back, I was unhurt apart from my pride, naturally neither Norm or Anthony took the pee [:(][:(][:(][:(]



Dec 4, 2001
On a campiing holiday cornwall can't think where walking from local town half pi---d .
Decided to jump this litle wall round the campsite you could here my screams as i realisedthere was bl----y great drop the oher side &hit the ground to the laughter of my wife &our friends very lucky no damage though although was shaken up must have been thre drink relaxed me.


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Nov 4, 2002
Three weeks ago I was invited go-karting by some suppliers from work. The karts go 60+, it was wet and I don't know anything about karting.

As the track dried out I tried to go round the full speed bend at full speed. Forgot to slow down as it tightened and when I realised I was going straight for the barricades, I instinctively pushed my right foot down hard to brake. Thing is the brake is under your left foot, right is gas!! I hit the barricades head on and damn fast. I was convinced I would be injured. Kart and tyres everywhere, but luckily I was only bruised. The steering column was bent about 30 degrees to one side from my arm holding on to it. I had to drive the next few laps skew wiff cos I'd trashed the only spare cart when some body spun behind me and bent its rear axle, stopping the brakes from working.

I did actually win the prize for best crash, but they decided to smash the prize on the track rather than actually give it to me, lol.

It still hurts now, but the applause was worth it!!

Lid [:)]

ken age 63

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Apr 23, 2003
just a short one,, years ago we,(that is about 9 of us) went from london to weybridge by train,and its a long walk to the canal,my mate alice caught his first fish of the day,(in february i think) blozzdy freezing,anyway ha ha ha, he feel head first in the keepnet,ha ha(i can see him now (BLUE) he was,we lent him some clothes from all of us, but no one offerd to take him home,ha ha he could have died,but who was going to lose a days fishing for the poor sod,ha ha (you no who your friend are) no one.

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