line for pellet waggler fishing


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Dec 30, 2020
Hi guys I'm going to give pellet waggler fishing a try this summer and I was wondering which mainline to use and in what b/s?I don't know the average size of the carp at the commercial I'm going to try,sorry if this is a daft question just don't want to go under gunned,and which floats,hooks do you recommend?thanks in advance for any advice.


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Jul 15, 2002
For line I use either daiwa sensor in 4lb or Dinsmores syndicate XT in 4lb (both break at higher than rated and the thinner diameter allows better casting, have had carp to 20lb from Barston on this line without issue), have floats in different styles and sizes from 2g to 10g from different manufacturers, all dedicated pellet waggler floats as they dont dive on the cast and are hence fishing almost straight away, use guru pellet waggler hooks in 18 to 12 depending on size of bait. Its a busy way of fishing, feed, cast wait max 30 seconds, retrieve and repeat is the basics of it, varying the feed can help to catch fish and also do not assume you have to fish as shallow as the fish seem to be feeding, sometimes fishing 3' deep to catch carp right on the surface works as they sometimes back off from the splash of the float. Good luck as its fantastic when it works.