Lindholme - "The Strip" 22/05/10

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Apr 23, 2008
Evening all,

The usual sunday night blues have set in whilst I contemplate another week at work....
So I thought I'd try share with you my 2nd report on MD, from the session I had with my Dad and my Girlfriend at The Strip lake at Lindholme.
I've fished for years alongside my dad, and this time due to the lovely weather my girlfriend also decided to come along and watch, whilst enjoying the sunshine.

My setup was fairly simple, two rigs, one for the margins one for further out, at about 10m. I started plumming at around 10m and it became fairly apparent that a large quantity of fish were topping and likely to be caught just under the surface or certainly on the drop. Due to this I decided this rig would be set at around 3 feet with strung out shot to allow for a natural fall of bait through the upper layers. This rig consisted of a Drennan Carp 3 float, 3.2lb mainline through to a 2.5lb hook length with a size 20 barbles animal hook. I feel these are a fairly large hook when compared to other patterns and this would offer me the option of not only larger baits if required but also give confidence when dealing with carp. This was coupled with a number 8 elastic set reasonably tight.
My second rig was a Drennan Lake float with an olivette, whilst I realise this may not be technically a great idea to you veteran match fisherman, I prefer it to a bulk of short for getting the bait town to the hungry carp and tench which I hoped would be feeding in the margins later in the session. This was on 2.2lb line through to a 1.4lb hooklength and a size 20 mustad maggot barbless. This may seem like very light tackle considering its proposed use, but I had been told that most of the carp were stockies, and the rest were small barbel etc, and whilst I needed to be able to pull the fish away from thier cover in the margins, I have always enjoyed using light tackle as I can "get away with" as it makes the fight more fun for me, and you possibly get slightly better presentation. Whilst using this kind of setup means I cant bully the fish away from the reeds etc, I have confidence that if I hit the bite correctly and put adequate side strain on the fish I dont tend to loose them.

anyway, thats my attempt at the techincal stuff, I have no doubt forgotten a fair bit, and will also most likely be pulled apart by those who know a lot more than me, but please remember I am not a match fisherman, I am just an all rounder who loves fishing [:)]

Riteo, Bait selection would be dead maggots for loose feed, with maggots, pellet and paste for the hook. I also opted to use a special groundbait made for me by Rob at Yorkshire Baits. I asked Rob if he could make a Cranberry and octopus flavour groundbait for a trip to france last year. I still had a bag left over so thought, why not ? The Yorkshire baits groundbait is superb as it makes a very fluffy easy to use and great smelling groundbait which often doesn't even required pushing through a riddle, but also can be VERY easily made into a paste.

Before I tried my 10m line, I thought I would drop my margin rig in, and see if there was an initial bonus fish so I baited up with a double red and in it went, to my suprise, there was, within 10 seconds the float buried and I was into a lovely little Tench.


Not a bad start really [:)]

So I thought, may as well try my luck, so in it went again....
To my suprise about 20 seconds the float buried and I had another lovely little tench. Sod the 10m line, lets see what the margins have to offer, not long before this little beauty was in the net.


After an hour or so, a few more tench, the odd carp and a lovely big Chub, I started to be plagued by little fish including gudgeon and barbel so I decided that maggots were not as selective as I'd like and the fish were, a little small :-


So on to the Paste. I put a handful of grounbait into a small container and added enough water to make a sloppy paste. Once this was mixed I allowed time for it to thicken slightly before mixing in a little more dry groundbait. I find once this is mixed it gives a nice firm texture that is easy to use and also stays on the hook better than any other paste I have tried, but then again it is made by Rob Hitchens so it should be good [:)]
I baited my hook and dropped the pea sized piece of paste into the margins, to my suprise I was instantly rewarded with this lovely chunky carp.


I'll not continue with a fish by fish acount of the day, but here are a few more pics of me looking rather smug after a cracking days fishing [:)]


at this stage of the day it really was almost too hot to cope....


I had between 15 - 20 of these lovely little carp

I have no idea the final weight as obviously I couldn't use a keepnet, but I'd happily say that although the average size of fish was small, they were a wonderful condition and I possibly amounted a total weight of 40lb+ which for a pleasure angler such as myself, fishing a single line, is a fairly good result.

Whilst fishing the margins I kept baiting the 10m line, but as luck would have it, I never needed to fish it, I carried on fishing the marings with a steady flow of loose offerings and groundbait and had one of the best days fishing I've had in a long time, thanks mainly I think, to Rob at Yorkshire Bait, and Neil at Lindholme for managing a truly incredible venue.

Hope you all had a great weekend !

Tight lines....
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