Lime Tree Park - Staunton Court 21/05/05

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Paul Roberts

The Turk
Jul 15, 2002
This was our Committee weekend outing down to the lovely area near Gloucester.

9 of us fished the match pool, which has roughly 20 pegs on (if you count the concrete bank)so we spread out accordingly. The weather prior to the match was blustery/sunny/wet/thundery ... you name it and on the day of the match .... was exactly that!!![:(]

The locals had been catching the day before, not brilliantly, but we know the water and were confident of catching (apart from Craig Neale who chose the same peg, that's 3 years on the trot, and spent half the match moaning[V]...).
Anyway, we kicked-off at 11.00am and practically straight away Bob Poole was straight-in (my saying of "he who catches first catches least" soon got mentioned ... "humble pie" was later mentioned!![xx(])
He was catching carp on the method, I started on it as well but got away very slowly, and Steve Durrant (who RAN[:p] to his peg, as he'd won off it the year before) didn't start at all[V]!!!!
It was pretty soon clear Bob was going to empty the place and myself was going to be second but, as for the other lads, it was chop'n'change all afternoon ... Steve Durrant went from here-to-zero and Craig did the opposite[:D].
After braving heavy rain, thunder, lightning and howling 'wolves' the result was:
1st Bob Poole 171.07.00
2nd Myself 114.15.00
3rd Craig (yes, 'anti-bag') Neale 72.14.0 all caught on scrounged maggots as he said "all you catch on maggot are little rudd" and what did I catch mainly on??? - 3 reds!![:p]
4th Darren Reid 69.00.00
5th Andy Woods 65.02.00
6th Geoff (Lurcher) Eggison 51.04.00
7th Barry Golby 31.11.00
8th Arhur Jeffcoat 29.12.00
9th and LAST Steve Durrant 29.03.00

Total weight caught = 635.04.00

Steve would have had more but he got an attack of cramp as he was putting a carp into his net, missed the net with it, nearly fell in and ... made us all laugh [:D][:D]
Eggo thought he was Mary Poppins as his umbrella blew away.
Arthur (who was in a corner peg) tried to catch in his swim, Eggo's swim, Craig's swim ...
Craig threw a 'wobbly' slammed his car door so hard, put up the method feeder and started to bag[:p]

A very good day's fishing was had by all - roll on next year!![;)]


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