Lime Tree Park - Lemington Lakes 31/07/05

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Paul Roberts

The Turk
Jul 15, 2002
Yesterday, we fished Abbey lake which is the 'silver' lake on the complex.

As usual, the sun refused to shine but it was a pleasant 'no carp' day for a change.

The match was a close affair and was won by Nick who in the far corner, all on his own ... 'Billy No-Mates'!![;)]

Result -
1st Nick Sly 16.4.0
2nd Ray Evans 15.4.0
3rd Dave Watson 13.15.0
4th Mark Evans 13.8.0
5th Andy Woods 13.7.0 including a 5lb+ bream
6th Me 12.5.0 [V]
7th Darren Reid 11.12.0
8th Paul Sly 9.12.0 including a 7lb bream

It's one of those venues where everyone can see each other so there's plenty of pee-taking .... ie: when Eggo fished the 'dangly' (for roach ?!?!?!?!?), when Bob's top 2 came off in the middle of his swim, when Arthur caught the smallest perch in the world.. etc etc[V].
There was also a fight going on by the lake opposite ... we think the bailiff was trying to eject some 'noddies' when it kicked-off ... all good fun [B)]


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