Lime Tree Park Angling Match (Barton) 11.09.05

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Jun 29, 2004
Today saw the start of the river season matches.

Our match was held at Barton near Bideford on the Avon.

On arrival the river was low and gin clear so we braced ourselves for a hard days fishing.

10 anglers mananged to make the journey although one person ( not to mention any names) 2 to 1 Arfur managed to arrive an hour after everyone else.

The day got better and better especially when we learnt that Paul wasnt coming as he had got too wet the day before whilst camping and decided he was going to stay at home and dry himself out.
I'd say you missed a bit Paul you are still wet behind the ears!!!!

The results were as follows:

R. Poole 4-3-0
M. Evans 1-5-0
C. Neale 1-4-0
S. Barr 0-9-0
R. Evans 0-8-0
J. Brookes 0-7-0
S. Durrant 0-5-0
G. Eggison 0-5-0
D. Reid 0-0-12
A. Jeffcoat 0-0-8

As you can see by the results the day was as hard as expected.
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