Lime Tree Park AC Winter League 23/03/03

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Paul Roberts

The Turk
Jul 15, 2002
This was the last in a series of 6 matches fished every fortnight from early January. There was only ever going to be one winner of the series unless he blanked ........ HE NEARLY DID AS WELL!!!!!

14 turned up on the morning (the usual members plus a couple of extras who must have heard that the pools are fishing well). All 3 pools were put in after picking out the best pegs on each.Most of us wanted to draw Long Pool as it's fishing very well but where did I draw? ..... Monk Pool! Well, I wasn't going to win it off there but the series leader,Andy Woods, drew it as well and he could come a cropper.

I must say, the pools looked lovely in the Spring sunshine but after 2 hours virtually fishless I went for a walk to the other pools to find everyone well into fish. Eggo had just landed a big Chub, Bob was playing a Carp, Watto also was just landing a big Chub, Bill Tolley reckoned he'd got 6lb and us 5 on Monk had ...................[V] 6 Gudgeon and Perch between us!!!

3 hours into the match Andy (the potential champion) is blanking and everyone else had caught. He wasn't a happy bunny I was told, Steve Durrant, on Andy's right, was giving plenty of stick (unfortunately, I was out of range or else I would have joined in). But, like the champion he is, he caught eventually which meant he couldn't be beaten, but it was close for a good while!!

The results were:

1st) Bill Tolley 9.9.8 Long (4 big chub)
2nd) Bob Poole 5.5.0 Long (carp and roach)
3rd) Dave Watson 4.14.0 Long (chub and roach)
4th) Mark Chinn 4.13.0 Stock (1 x Carp)
5th) John Rose 3.6.8 Monk (3 skimmers)
6th) Paul Roberts 3.1.0 Monk (skimmer, crucian, roach, tench etc
7th) Pete Smith 2.14.8 Long (1 x Carp)
8th Bette Rowlands 2.12.0 Long (carp and bits)
9th) Geoff Eggison 2.7.8 Stock (1 x Chub)
10th) Steve Durrant 1.5.0 Monk (bits)
11th) A. Jeffcoat 1.2.8 Stock (bits)
12th) Rose Beale 0.6.8 Monk (bits)
13th Andy Woods 0.3.8 Monk (I'll give you a guess!)
14th John Brooks 0.1.8 Stock (I wonder!!)

The majority of fish caught were in very good condition (which is nice to see, after all that's happened over the last 3 months) and Long Pool is alive with fry with the majority of fish in the other 2 pools all ready for spawning!

Things have eventually took a turn for the better!!

If anyone's interested, the next match (which is the Spring League) will be in 2 weeks time.

(sorry, forgot my camera this week)




Regular member
Aug 11, 2001
Your reports are getting better Paul [;)] just need to remember the camera.[;)][;)]


Steve Baker

May 20, 2002
reports are getting better, draw arm as iffy as ever!!
See you at the presentation.
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