Lime Tree Park AC - The Banks, Spring Pools 04/0

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Paul Roberts

The Turk
Jul 15, 2002
This was the first leg of our annual A vs B Section Challenge.

Held on the bottom pool, this is one of the most 'fairer' venues (well, the B Section need all the help they can get AND we gave them an extra 5lb weight, per angler ... it makes it more of a 'challenge' for us A Section anglers [;)])

After a week of bright sunshine and, hearing that many anglers were blanking at venues such as Clatty/Boddington and Drayton, we had our fingers crossed [:)]

During the first couple of hours the going was tough - plenty of fish moving but were reluctant to feed. Craig Neale was on a peg he'd previously won off and was 'severly' struggling, Eggo was being 'perched-out', Bob Poole and Watto were really struggling and I managed to break-in my new pole with a couple of carp. At half way A Section were in trouble (I was being, and ended up being, battered both sides)[V]. But, in the last couple of hours, class came through - even Craig started to catch [:D]).

The Result:

1st Barry Golby 57.15.0 floating pole to an island B SECT
2nd Eggo 47.15.0 managed some carp on bread on the pole A SECT
3rd Johhny ("me back's gone but I'll still complain all day") Rose 43.9.0 B SECT
4th Steve [:D] Wilson 30.14.0 A SECT
5th Ray Evans 29.5.0 A SECT
6th Steve Durrant 29.0.0 including a 4oz frog[^] A SECT
7th Watto 25.7.0 A SECT
8th Craig 24.11.0 A SECT
9th Me [8D] 20.10.0 A SECT
10th Rhino 19.13.0 B SECT

(A Section only had one bloke in the bottom 8 places ... not mentioning any names Bob Poole!!!

A Section won by 22 points on the day but, on the return leg, we will be missing some of our top anglers ... so, can B Section turn it around ? NO CHANCE!!!!!![:D]


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