Lime Tree Park AC - Stockton Res. 12/06/05

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Paul Roberts

The Turk
Jul 15, 2002
After the long day (but great day) at Rolf's on Saturday it was 5 hours on the boards at one of my favourite venues.

As I arrived at 8.00am the sun was shining and it was flat calm ... "really looking forward to this" I thought, but it soon changed [:(]

Malc (no longer the Jinx in my book)drew peg 29 and Steve[:D] Wilson drew 22 - they were not happy with their pegs, I can tell you. I drew 18, inbetween Eggo and Craig 'the chum' Neale - it was going to be a 'noisy' day ... it was..... as soon as Craig landed his first carp that was it ... GLOAT MODE .... but even worse was to follow - I landed one and the GLOATING got worse[:D][:)][:D]. Practically everyone was blanking and it was the odd fish that showed - then the weather turned. The clouds came over, the wind got up and the temperature dropped .... it was freezing[xx(]!! When it started to drizzle, Eggo said he was going to walk back to the car park to get his coat but he wouldn't get mine, the miserable git (said something about couldn't stand the GLOATING anymore).
Mid-match went from bad to worse - we couldn't buy a bite so I ended up engaging in a dog-biscuit fight with Craig ... then he, and Eggo, started catching!!!
It was very hit'n'miss all day, I mean you'd get one bite on the method, or pole, then nothing for ages[:(]. I managed to hook a carp with 20 mins to go but this decided that it would tangle itself in a branch on the way in - as I started to lift it to the net the twig got bigger and bigger and bigger until it was about 6' long, of course, everyone were laughing etc[:D], but I managed to land the carp and lost the branch (right way 'round for a change).

The result-
1st Darren Reid (his first win for years) 51.9.0 I told him he would win it off peg 8)
2nd Craig Neale 25.2.0 (those bloody dog biscuits hurt, you know!!)
3rd Me[:D] 23.12.0
4th Dave (Rhino) East 23.9.0 (inc.a 13lb carp)
5th Mark Evans 22.0.0 (caught after he'd pulled the island closer to him)
6th Betty Rowlands 17.6.0
7th Howard Humphrey 16.2.0 (surprisingly, he stayed the whole match - on his wife's birthday[V][V][V])
8th Malc Doyle 15.15.0 (ex-Jinx)

So that's 2 from 2 second places for Craig and 2 from 2 third places for me .... and we've been pegged next to each other on both matches (spooky or what!) Our luck will run out soon!!!


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