Lime Tree Park AC - Square Lane 19/06/05

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Paul Roberts

The Turk
Jul 15, 2002
Not much to say re: this match as I was stuck in a corner and couldn't see an awful lot of what was going on (I'd appreciate some input of other MD'ers if poss)[:I]

Weather was very hot - me being me got burnt for the second time in 2 days (Drayton, on Saturday) and, as we've only fished it once before, most people were unsure of it!

If you weren't on the island or in the furthest part of the lake away from the car park then .. forget it (as I found out [xx(])

Craig/Darren/Steve Durrant and Eggo were all pegged close to each other ... and the YAPPING could be heard for miles [V]

I hooked 5 carp and lost all 5 - one after 30 mins (lost the whole rig on a good 'double') then, with 5 mins to go, I hooked a 'train' which went off at such a rate that it straightened and bent a size 12 forged Drennan hook!!![V] I then swore and packed up!!!

Craig continued his good run this season with a good win on the candle and even Steve Durrant managed to catch, for a change, taking second place on the 'dangly'.

The result:

1st Craig 'the chum' Neale 48.6.0
2nd Steve Durrant 38.15.0
3rd Bob Poole 36.0.0
4th Pat Clark 33.13.0
5th Dave Smith 28.12.0
6th Steve [:D] Wilson 24.5.0

Best part of the day ..... 2 very cold pints in the local .... BEAUTIFUL!!!![:)][8D][:D]


Not open for further replies.