Lime Tree Park AC - Meadowlands 05/06/05

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Paul Roberts

The Turk
Jul 15, 2002
This was our first match of the 'Summer' league and was held on the big pool (pegs 1 - 41). Only 24 of us turned up so we dropped the early pegs, from the gate up, as they're cr*p!![;)]
Was a strange old day - no one had thought to check the draw balls (I didn't know exactly how many would turn up so I put in 1-35) so Craig Neale promptly drew peg 31 [xx(] (we pegged 1-25 ....DOH[V])and later on 86 got drawn (we've lost ball no. 2 so 86 replaces it - I thought everyone knew that ... don't they???[:(]). One of our sets of 'digi' scales was found not to be 'zeroing' but luckily one of our members had a spare set.... the day was starting 'wonderfully' .. NOT!![V]

Just for once I decided that I would have an early draw and drew one of the fliers BUT that meant fishing with Craig on side and the 'dreaded' Arthur '2 and 1' Jeffcoat on my other side...within earshot was Steve Durrant, Andy Woods and Keith Underhill (today was NOT going to be a quiet day'.

I caught first - a carp on the method, then nothing ..but we all concentrated feeding the 'woofers' until the carp arrived, then all onto the 'candle'. Craig started like a sack of spuds until he found his range then went on to 'baggin'mode - he always does this, I mean fishes like a tw*t for 3 hours then bags up!![:(] But poor ol' Steve Durrant... sat fishing all methods (dangly pole/method/candle etc) for a few poxy roach and rudd (only carp bite he had all match was when one bit the stonfo on his pole when on the dangly[:D][:D]) At one stage mysel, Craig and Keith were all into carp (on Carp Corner as we called it) whilst back in Roach Bay .... ZILCH!!![xx(][:(][xx(] It was almost a if an imaginary line had been drawn with carp one side and 'bits on the other - guess which side Steve was (he ended up last!!!!)

The result:
1st Dave Smith (one fish short of a new club record) 100.13.0
2nd Craig Neale 61.7.0
3rd ME[:D]41.11.0
4th Andy Woods 33.6.8
5th Simon Barr 27.2.0
6th Steve '[:D][:D][:D]' Wilson 26.0.0
7th George Clark 25.8.0
8th Ray Evans 25.7.0
LAST.... Steve Durrant 1.5.0[:p][:D][8D]

Not bad weights considering the 'J**X' turned up LATE but in his new 'red' car - would be red, wouldn't it?

Nearly forgot - spare a thought for Howard Humphrey who drew next to the winner.... he cast out, got a bite, picked up his rod, somehow broke his spec's, lost the fish and BLANKED[:D]... bad day, methinks!!

Roll on Stockton this week..[:D][:D][:D]


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