Lime Tree Park AC - Makins Phase 1 14/08/05

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Paul Roberts

The Turk
Jul 15, 2002
We fished Pools 2A and 3 as we had too many anglers to fit on Pool 2 - which was a shame as Pool 2 is by far the better [:(]

Rumours were rife that both pools were fishing very well BUT (there's always a BUT) we had a deluge of rain on Saturday and this put the fish off 'BIG TIME'

As seems the norm these days all the 'flyers' were drawn before I stuck my hand in the bag and I ended up on perm. peg 18 Pool 3 - it was cold, damp and a lovely cold gale in my face all day [:(]

Regards the fishing, I can't really comment on much as there were only 7 of us on Pool 3 and the balance on Pool 2 (which you cannot see from Pool 3). Only good thing on the day was Craig Neale weighing a grand total of 0.0.8 ( 2 fish!!!) - "mostly small stuff" - off one of the flyers, apparently!!! (His travelling companion, John Brookes, blanked, so the car didn't smell much of fish that day!!! [:D])

The Results:

1st Dave Smith (flyer peg) 71.6.0 Pool 2A
2nd Simon Barr 43.0.0 Pool 2A
3rd Arthur Jeffcoat (yes, the oldest man in the world came third!!) 42.0.0 Pool 2A
4th Steve [:D] Wilson 33.14.0 Pool 2A
5th Bob Poole 29.2.0 Pool 3
6th Geoff Eggison 28.6.8 Pool 2A

Warren Pool at Meadowlands next - a good 'fair' venue (surely I can't get a bad peg again [:(!])


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