Lime Tree Park AC - Little Geareys, Packington 18/

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Paul Roberts

The Turk
Jul 15, 2002
This was the 2nd leg of the annual A vs B Challenge match (you may remember, the first leg was won by A Section with a wapping 24 point win)

I would have expected this leg to be as 'one-sided' as the first BUT some of the A-Team were in Ireland and you know what complacency brings ....[:(]

B Section were 'up for it' especially Barry, their captain, who was really talking it up ..... we just laughed [^]and gloated over how many points we were going to win by [8D].
(Just to make things more even - Eggo (our Captain) agreed to deduct 20 points off our first leg winning margin, allow B Section to drop their lowest weight (as they had 9 anglers against our 8) AND have a 2lb per man advantage ..... talk about being confident ... or was that being daft ??[:eek:)][:eek:)])

My day started 'well' - I drew next to my nemesis (Arthur 2&1 Jeffcoat) ... I go to pieces if he's next to me ..... he's hopeless but he's dead good at bringing me down, deep down, to his level [V]. Then, first chuck on the feeder, I was just clipping-up when my rod pulled around and I had got bust up ..... that was my only bite on the feeder [xx(].

About half way through the match I was struggling with about 2lb and one or two anglers were 'walking' ... notably Craig who is part of the A Team [^]. I was being battered both sides and had the same ol' problem as I did the day before, at Rolf's, of having the 'fizz' but couldn't catch anything. Anyway, Eggo was catching so I went for a walk then, on my return, I started catching as if I had had some devine inspiration (cheers Geoff). (Started to catch carp anywhere from the bottom to 2 feet off the bottom ... wish I had sussed it Friday night as I might have had a good weekend [V]. )

Turned out I managed to beat '2&1' but Mark Evans (to my left) kept on steadily catching all through the match.... if only I had sussed it out earlier [:(!][xx(][:(!]

Re: the actual team result - all I kept on hearing was loud celebrations from Barry Golby so it was obvious we'd been beaten BUT it was the size of the defeat that got me .... WE WERE BATTERED!!!!!![:0] Even taking the 2lb per man advantage off we still got beaten.....mind you, it doesn't help when the 2 of the A Team come last and second last (in the points) .... I'm referring NOT to me (for a change) but Craig Neale and Keith Underhill (a B Section ringer who obviously fished to Barry's plan by coming last) .....

The Result -

1st Barry Golby 23.9.0 B-Section WELL DONE MATE (he won both matches....)
2nd Steve [:D] Wilson A-Section 20.1.0
3rd Mark Evans B-Section 18.3.0
4th Nick Sly B-Section 17.13.0
5th Geoff (Eggo) Eggison A-Section 17.5.0
6th Dave (Rhino) East 14.7.0
7th ME!!!!! A-Section 13.12.0 [:D][8D][:D]
8th John Brookes B-Section 13.9.0

As I said earlier ... 'we got battered' ..... so, a BIG begrudging 'well done' to the B Section, so that means 12 months of pee-taking [V] (I will make sure that they DO NOT have any advantages next year ... the gloves are OFF, Golby [:(!])


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