Lime Tree Park AC - Clattercote 25/09/05

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Paul Roberts

The Turk
Jul 15, 2002
Well, back to Clatty we went - like lambs to the slaughter .... you may remember my last attempt at catching at this so-called 'prolific' venue .... no bites, no fish [:(] AND I'm not the only one who's blanked there ... mentioning no names [|)]

We were on pegs 25-54 but only went as far as 48 (ish) as we only had a meagre 16 or-so fish [V]. Those in the know said you want to draw between 25 and the mid-30's as it's deeper water there (for the Baggin' Wag) .... so I, Craig, Eggo, Rodney and [:D]Steve Wilson drew in the 40's ... [xx(](A GOOD START TO THE DAY)

We all started on the feeder/method but only one fish was caught.... so, it had to be done, under the boards we went! [:(!] It wasn't long before the 'hook-snap-cuss' was heard ... especially from [:D]Steve who now went onto 15lb Maxima to stop getting bust-up. Inbetween getting 'busted' myself and Craig tried the feeder/baggin' wag/the candle, all to no avail ... so back under the boards we went.

I'd changed to a 10lb hook length and 25 tight, elastic on my Drag'n'Net and was confident off getting something out .. until I hooked a beast which decided it liked being under the boards and NOTHING was going to move it. My pole broke along the no. 4 right where I was holding it, then the top two flew off and disappeared under the boards and I was left sitting there with blood dripping off my hand (cut it on the split no. 4). It took a good few minutes before the pee-taking started as I think everyone thought I was in a 'RAGE' but I wasn't (well, not much [:(!]). Dave Smith later found my top 2 but the float was broke, the hook straightened and the pole itself broke.... I knew I should have used a rod 'n line [|)].

Well, the match itself was won by Rhino on peg 25 fishing the slow-sinking baggin' wag (a method I'd never heard of before). He'd got loads of depth to fish (unlike our end where 4' was all you got). Darren Reid had landed a 10lb carp in the first few minutes and 'boy' was he quick to telephone everyone .....[V]


1st Dave 'Rhino' East 60lb ish
2nd Darren Reid 18lb ish
3rd Dave Watson 17lb ish
4th [:D]Steve Wilson 16lb ish
5th John 'Rodney' Brooks 11lb ish
6th H. Humphrey 11lb ish

(note the 'ish' ... come to weighing-in someone changed the digi-scales from lbs/ozs to metric lbs/ozs [:0] ... so Rhino actually weighed 60.20 lb DOH!!!!! )

Me and Craig had a peg-to-peg fight - first to catch a carp won the 1 side bet - it DIDN'T get won .... he weighed 1.90lb and I weighed .95lb [xx(][V]

All-in-all, a SH*T day for most of us (AND costly for me!!)

Please note I'm NOT mentioning the 'overcharge' [:)]

Next week, Woodland View .......


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