Lime Tree Match 13/10/02 Club Pools

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Aug 11, 2001
Date : 13/10/02
Venue: Club Pools @ Sheepy Magna (Monk, Long & Stock pools)
Time : 9am to 2pm

Today saw 30 members fish the latest club match which was spread over all 3 of the pools under the clubs control.

Today was the 13th and unlucky it was as we had a frost which turned the fish right off the feed and it stayed cold all day.

1st..Rose Beale.....7lb 10oz..........Monk Pool
2nd..Dirk Williams...7lb 2oz...........Monk Pool
3rd..Ken James......5lb 15oz 8drm..Monk Pool
4th..Bob Poole.......5lb 1oz 8drm....Monk Pool
5th..Keith Bradley...4lb 4oz...........Long Pool

Special mention for the win by Rose as she's in her 80's and this is her second match win this season and she is the only member this year to win 2 matches.

match WINNER Rose

As for me well i drew on whats called "The Stock Pool" (i think it's where the weed is grown to "stock" the other pools)[:D][:D]

Managed 3 fish (2 small carp and 1 perch) for 2lb 10oz and 8th, and yes Paul the best bait was 7 casters.[:)]

And as is normaly the case if i do ok Steve don't fair so good he managed 10oz (i think) unsure where abouts he came though.

And other than Dirks 2nd and Kens 3rd i don't know how the rest of the MDers got on but i'm sure Paul will fill the gaps.[;)]

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scott essery

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Oct 16, 2001
and you were taking the micky out of me for Izaak fishing rubbish. you giys were bagging on saturday [;)]

I see Dirk got another 1 off you Malc [8D]

well done to Rose its never to late to start and show the lads how to do it [:D]


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May 28, 2002
Rose our heroine was England Ladies champion back in the fifties and as she was married to Coventry & District Angling Association Chairman she aint no push over. I believe she only had a few bits plus a 7lb plus carp so if you dont land the carp or even hook one you are down in the also rans. Special mention for Ken (new maggot drowner) who came third with all skimmers, unlike that Dirk character who magicked a carp on 22 hook 1lb bottom and 2 elastic. I dont know how big it was Dirk perhaps you will fill us in.
Paul only had bits (off a peg I had left out and then put in cos we had 29 fishing), Andy had 2lb 4oz (second on long)and I had 2lb (third on long).
Any way its Boddington in two weeks and with all this rain we should have the res with some water in. Dave to confirm that the match is on as we have heared that some have been cancelled.



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Apr 23, 2002
Well what can I say about my Carp on Sunday? around 5Ibs caught on a 22 barbles Hook, 0.7 bottom to 0.8 main line and a No.2 elastic, and caught out of one of the biggest snag pits going. I enjoyed every minute of playing it not expecting the hook to hold, the line to hold, or the elastic to stand up to the fight, I had 9mtrs of pole in the air and a good 10mtrs of no.2 stretched out with the fish going round and round the weed beds. Lucky or what?
Malc I think that's 3 in a row?
Oh! the elastic broke later when i just pulled it to put the hook in the end of the section.
We all need a bit of luck sometimes.

Paul Roberts

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Jul 15, 2002
You should have heard the applause when Rose landed that carp - I thought Craig had either fallen in or had turned into his alter-ego of 'International Pole Rescue' (any excuse to go for a swim!). Fancy beating us again!! I think we're going to have an upper age limit (mind you, that would rule out half the club - eh, Geoff!!)

To fill-in the remaining results, I weighed 1.1.0 for 16th and Steve Wilson weighed 0.10.0 for 19th WE WERE DRAWN ON THE WRONG POOL!!!

Looking forward to our next 'Carp' outing at Boddington a week Sunday. Lots of rain presently so should be ok to fish it, and it's fishing well (winning weights of 50-60lb at the moment)



ps - Malc, you're up to second in the River aggregate (STILL behind Rose!!!)
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