Lime Tree Club Match 6/10/02 Hatton Locks

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Aug 11, 2001
Date : 6/10/02
Venue: Grand Union Canal at Hatton Locks nr Warwick
Time : 9.30am till 2.30pm

Well today saw 24 members of The Lime Tree Club turn up for our match on the G.U.C at Hatton Locks.

This section of the canal covers roughly 3 miles but also within that 3 mile length you will find 23 Locks ( almost 1 Lock per angler ).

Most of the Pounds between the Locks have room to fit between 3 and 5 anglers and with a width varying from 16mtr to 20mtr in most pounds it's also a bit wide.

View from lock no 36 towards a step of 10 Locks

The Pound in the above picture was one of the biggest with 7 permanent pegs in it ( the top 2 weights came from this pound ).

Full marks must go to the owners of the stretch as they supplied a full peg by peg brake down giving the best options and lines to fish along with target weights ( even if the weights were way off the mark ).

View from my peg (10) towards Lock 36 ( one of the smaller pounds with 3 pegs in)

Well thats enough about the venue onto the match.

At the draw everyone was talking about big weights as the peg sheet supplied was quoting weights from 10lb to 51lb being caught in previous matches this year consisting of Bream and the odd Carp with every peg producing at least 10lb weights.

Now every water has it's good days and they also have off days and sadly today was to be the latter and it fished terrible and the weights we all expected just did not show.

1st...Dave Watson.........9lb
2nd...Howard Humphrey...7lb 6oz
3rd...Steve Wilson..........4lb 3oz
4th...Dave Smith............1lb 12oz
5th...Steve Baker...........1lb 9oz
6th...Ray Evans.................14oz
7th...Steve Durrant............11oz
9th...Betty Rowlands............8drms

And 15 Blanks followed that.

The above is why there are no fish or catch pictures I NEVER SAW A FISH

Total weight caught was 25lb 13oz 8drms

Since joining The Lime Tree Club at the start of this season a few of the club members have now joined us here on and of those Steve Wilson was the only 1 to catch which left all the following with dry nets.

Geoff Eggison (aka Lurcher)
Paul Roberts
Ken James
Dirk Williams
Malc Doyle

I must mention though that all the above did sit it out till the end in hope of a fish, except Dirk he i think had the right idea and left after a few hours. [:)][:)]

Now since the above have been reading various reports on here (by me) they have also came to the conclusion the same as those who fished my Summer Series that there just might be some thing in the JINX theory

At least the sun shone all day and there's always next weeks match on the clubs own pools.

Fish with Friends @

Paul Roberts

The Turk
Jul 15, 2002
Well it's finally hit the Lime Tree AC!!!!!

Malc Doyle has brought his 'JINX' to us, that is. I thought no-one can have that kind of affect CAN THEY???? I mean 15 blanks out of 24 -the 'few' of us who managed to stay to the bitter end ended up claiming we had 2 bites apiece (they were actually indications of 'rubbish' knocking into the line when the locks were open)

Best part of the day was the pub afterwards where I worked out that 6 out of the Cornwall 8 (where we thought nothing of catching 100lb a day) had all blanked!!
(the other 2 had sense and fished another venue)

I mean Malc's a smashing chap but ..... we like to catch fish. This is the worst match we've had for some 6/7 years (we fished Fotheringay on the Nene and only 4 caught). AARRGH!!!!!! If it happens again then, his partner in 'Jinxdom' gets it
- Red, I mean!!!! Yes, that little f**king creature who sat there basking in the sun whilst the rest of us tried and tried and tried ...

Anyway, I must go and take my next Prozac ....

What shall we do him????? To the guy who turned up at the draw, yesterday, claiming he hadn't brought his wallet. When asked why not, he said he'd hidden it as his wife would spend the contents if she and little 'Dirkie' found it.He'd hidden it so well he couldn't find it!!!!!!

Is there such a thing as a transfer system within club fishing??

Suggestions please - the ruder the better!!!




Jun 28, 2002
Paul i know you don't mean any of it and you
me realy

But i must admit it was fun watching you all wasting your time fishing whilst i was sun bathing

Just to upset you here is a picture of a fish as i know you never saw one on Sunday.

I caught this on my first trip fishing just to show how easy fishing is.



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Mar 17, 2002
well done red
but be careful you don't get to much sun



Jul 18, 2002
transfer paul we should be so lucky but then again who could we take the p--s out of if u left .well about the jinx betty sat next to him and caught a fish .and on that note going to make some rigs for sunday tthis time will tie hooks on see you all ken

scott essery

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Oct 16, 2001

I caught over 40lbs of fish yesterday at Izaak

if we catch bugger all on saturday i know why! [:D]
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