Lime Tree Club Match 24/3/02

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Aug 11, 2001
Venue - Club Lakes @ Sheepy Magna

1st H.Humphrey 7lb 10oz Peg 1
2nd D.Williams 3lb 9oz Peg 9
3rd M.Doyle 3lb 5oz Peg 7
4th S.Wilson 2lb 5oz Peg 3

Although this was the second match i've fished with Lime Tree this was the first as a member. The 1 i fished 2 weeks ago was as a guest.

The match was the last of their winter league series so i could use the match as a play around and try to sort out the pools for the Spring series that start in 2 weeks.

Todays match was on the 17 peg Monk pool which has an even depth of 3ft from bank to bank and the stock is mainly Skimmers, Roach & Gudgeon with only a hand full of Carp which are rarely landed in matches due to most people fishing to fine and going for the skimmers & roach with either pinkie/squatt or chop and caster.

Me i'm different so wanted to fish the meat to see if the skimmers and carp would take it.

I set up 5 lines to try different feeding patterns to see what worked best.

Lines 1 + 2 were @ 12.5 mtr to dead weed patches one to the left and the other straight in front.
Lines 3 + 4 were in open water @ 6 mtr at 10 o'clock & 2 o'clock.
Line 5 was @ 3mtrs to the right by some dead weed.

All lines were fed with Riddled meat with various coatings with either Riddled meat or Pelleted meat on the hook.

The far lines produced 1 skimmer about 12oz and a couple of roach around the oz all to meat.
The open water swims only produced a couple of gudgeon.
The 3mtr swim only produced in the last half hour but turned up 1 carp about lb and some small tench and roach all on the meat.

The final result was 16 fish for 3lb 5oz and 3rd overall so i was quite happy with that as i was useing meat, and i've now fished 2 matches with Lime Tree and came 3rd in each one.

Their next match is in 2 weeks and thats the start of the spring series.


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