Lime Tree Club Match 16/06/02

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Aug 11, 2001
Date : 16/06/02
Venue: Folly Pool @ Riddings Fishery
Time : 8am till 1pm

27 anglers turned out to fish our match today on what is normally a prolific small fish match pool with only a small amount of fish over the lb mark.

But as is always the case in fishing waters can change over night and today was such a case with fish being at a premium.
The weights do not do the venue justice.

Top 4 today were:
1st Bob Poole.....8lb 15oz
2nd Dirk Williams.6lb 11oz
3rd Malc Doyle....6lb 6oz
4th Steve Baker...5lb 10oz

Highlight of the day was when Geoff (maggotdrowner name Lurcher) had his top 5 pulled out of his hand by an angry carp and as it sailed across the pool all that could be heard was roar's of laughter and micky taking from the rest of us, (told you i would not mention it Geoff)

After running around the other side of the pool he managed to grab hold of the sections with the fish still on and netted the fish then walked back to his peg.
Your lucky Geoff you were to far away and the picture's never came out clear enougth.

But here is a picture of Geoff afterwards (with the net) and still getting the micky taken out of him.

There you go Geoff not only your name in light's but your picture as well.

Fish with Friends @ and take s from Dirk


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Sep 29, 2001

Well done on your third place,but who do i see in 2nd.

Are you on some kind of sponsorship with Dirk.I know he is going to Wales but if you give him a pound every time you go fishing he is likely to spend it in one go.

As for Lurcher,I know what he must feel like.The joys of hooking such a fish and the disappointment of losing it and then the joy of getting it back.Did he weigh it in?


Golfs a game for people who can't catch fish


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May 28, 2002
Thanks for the fame (not what I realy wanted) but to put the story straight I was removing my bib and brace as it was getting hot when the carp struck. I did land the fish but as it was not at my peg I returned it straighy away (club rule).
As it probably weighed about 3.5 lb it would have given me a section win at least, so you can see I had the luck of the irish in not picking up coin.

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