Lime Tree Club Match 13/7/03 Peatling Parva

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Aug 11, 2001
Date : 13.07/03
Venue : Peatling Parva (Top Pool)
Time : 9am till 3pm

A bit late but never mind (it's also a bit short as i'm a bit pressed at the min).

Sunday saw 23 members fish is scorching conditions [8D][8D] on the top pool.

1st.. Bob Poole.... 36lb 8oz
2nd.. Andy Woods... 34lb 1oz .... (MDer)
3rd.. Dave Watson.. 31lb 9oz
4th.. Paul Roberts. 27lb 7oz .... (MDer)

4 anglers D.N.W.

Total weight put on the scales was 282lb 8oz

I wont mention anything about Mr Watson and his Floating 2k worth of Carbon and then panicking as it traveled around the pool for 10 mins till he managed to get it back, i'll leave that to the others.[;)][;)]


Paul Roberts

The Turk
Jul 15, 2002
Do they fish the 'Dangly' in New Zealand???

It's a great way of having your expensive pole ripped out from your hands and towed around a lake!As Dave found out!
He was 2 up from me - I was looking at him 'bagging' when the top 5 (I think) came out from the rest of the pole then started to move away from the bank! Of course, we all sympathised with him (not!!)!!! The pole then started to go into reverse and moved towards Dave - 'jump in' we all said, after all he does have a very expensive pole, 'I can't swim' he said - then tough! I weren't going in, I was catching, so I called upon Craig (International Pole Rescue)Neale but he didn't want to know as he was catching as well (and a fee hadn't been discussed). So we left the pole zooming around the lake for a good while.
Eventually, the fish went down to the shallow end and Dave managed to wade in and get it back but he did get wet! If this hadn't have happened he'd have won the match as it stopped him from catching for 10 mins. But we wouldn't have had a good laugh at his expence!!
So now you know why you were taught to swim when you were at school - to get your pole back!!!!!

By the way, the carp was all of half a pound!!!





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Dec 8, 2002
Well I must be honest[as a fisherman its a change]I had my pole pulled in when I turned my back to get some more groundbait.The lake was deep and all you could see was 1 meter of pole sticking up like a periscope.No matter how I swam after it it kept going away.It took 2 of us to corner it.Then the fish got away!!I would have won on the day but Im not sure it would have been allowed .
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