Lilly pond Lodge Farm

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Jul 25, 2006
Bit late this post but i went here on Thursday afternoon 29th April, Pond looked great weather was warm and wind was ok with occasional gusts.
I wanted to fish shallow so opted for peg 59 which is 3 out of one corner as the wind was blowing towards this end. I set 4 rigs up at varying depths between 12" & 4ft starting on the 3ft one at 14.5m. After flicking out 6-8 6mm pellets every 30 seconds or so i had my 1st fish an F1 after about 10mins i then caught a few more before getting liners which prompted me to use the 2ft rig. The wind was getting stronger now so i had to take a section off and fish at 13m after probably 15mins i soon had the fish again but was missing loads of bites so again i changed and put the 12" rig in to use. This made a big difference to my catch rate strange how you can catch at this depth and not see any fish swirling for the feed any way by constantly feeding even when netting fish i managed to catch right up to 19.30pm when i packed up, so i started probably around 15.20-15.30 and finished up with 72 F1's, 1 mirror & a solitary chub now thats a good afternoons sport.
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