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Jul 31, 2016
Have just received a rather convincing e-mail telling me HMRC owed me a refund of Stg £582.39 and it MUST be actioned by clicking a link by tomorrow. I was just going to fire up Bobco's website for a new float :) and my natural cynicism / ultra high suspicion of e-mails bearing gifts kicked in.

Three things gave it away as a Phishing e-mail (one written that contains a link to a website where you are requested to enter your bank details and security code)

1) HMRC always send a letter and don't operate by e-mail other than to remind you that your Tax Return is due.
2) Urgency/Threat - The e-mail states that the refund was Issued on - 26.07.2019 and expires on 27.07.2019 - No refund would have an expiry date
3) The link Get Started - If I hover the mouse over it shows as https://vxronline.co.uk/ .psi/ which is definitely not a HMRC/Government domain and with the space after / is not even going to take you to vxronline.co.uk which is a website dedicated to the Vauxhall VXR car.

HMRC Phishing E-mail.JPG