Leicester Gas AC @ Boddington

silver fox

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May 21, 2018
We had 12 booked on for this yesterday including 3 guests who just so happened to be quality anglers!
Pegs 80 to 96 so we could leave a couple out.
Beef likes to fish for the roach on here and was happy to sit on peg 81. So 11 left to pick from and i pull out peg 92 which i was happy with as id caught well from 92 and 93 in previous years. 92 was also drawn as the golden peg so another 50 quid up for grabs for the win!
In my section i had Andrew (guest) on peg 90 , Carl (first match all season) peg 93, Alan peg 94 , Ray 95 and Jamie on 96. 94 - 96 all on the beach

Fish cruising at around 25-35 mtrs so looking forward to snaring a few on the waggler. Started on the bomb at around 30 mtrs while pinging pellets for the waggler and had a fish after 5 mins (common around 7lb) Great start!
Had another 10 minutes on the bomb with no bites. Anglers all around me had taken early fish , mainly on the method.
Started on the pellet wag and had 3 fish. So by 11.30 i had 4 carp for around 35lb. Andrew and Carl had 2 a piece and i was told the guys on the beach had 1 a piece.
Couldnt catch anything else on either the bomb or waggler as they went out of range and i spent most of the remainder of the match fishing the method at around 95 mtrs where i took another 8 carp. 👍
So 12 carp that went 116lb for 2nd in the match (section win)
Andrew to my left was 2nd in section with 8 fish for 95lb
Carl had 8 fish for 81lb
Jamie 73lb
Ray 42lb (4 fish)
Alan had 4 fish for 37lb
Overall winner was Matt (guest and venue expert!) 143 lb from peg 87 ?
Second in this section was Baz (guest ) 92 lb all on the bomb
JP with 56lb
Andy had 51lb
George 45 lb

Beef had around 16 lb of roach and a single carp on his roach rig !!

Next up for us we are at The Grebe this Sunday.