Legend's daughter Lisa Wilson praises Fisheries Enforcement Workshops for 'protecting fish and fisheries'

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FEW Eastern Paul Thomas, Lisa Wilson, Mark Owen x550

Eastern Regional Enforcement Manager Paul Thomas (left) and Mark Owen, Head of Freshwater, with Lisa Wilson at the Eastern Fisheries Enforcement Workshop

The Angling Trust’s Fisheries Enforcement Support Service has recently completed its annual round of Fisheries Enforcement Workshops held in all six regions of England.
Funded by fishing licence income and organised as part of the National Angling Strategic Services contract with the Environment Agency, 617 anglers have now benefited from these important days since they began in 2015.

A star guest at this year's Eastern workshop was Lisa Wilson, daughter of the late, great John Wilson MBE.

Lisa Wilson said: “John had a thirst to learn about everything he did. He loved to pass on knowledge and was passionate about educating as many people as possible about fishing. These workshops are vital in making more people aware of the law around fisheries enforcement and ensure that we all can play a role in protecting fish and fisheries for the future."

Workshop training is provided free of charge by policing and enforcement professionals and is aimed at upskilling the angling community and is especially helpful to clubs and fisheries. Sessions included help to ensure that fisheries can be safely, effectively and efficiently protected by fishery bailiffs working in partnership with the Environment Agency and police. The workshops also provide a great opportunity for anglers to engage with Environment Agency Fisheries Enforcement Officers and local Police Rural & Wildlife Crime Officers.

Angling Trust’s National Enforcement Manager Dilip Sarkar MBE said: “These workshops are essential and a key part of our overall strategy. The days are always well-received – as the unanimously positive feedback confirms. Our regions are huge, so locations never suit everyone, hence why we move the venues around every year. Were it up to me, I would make attendance mandatory before issuing a rod licence – it really is that important.”

Feedback received from the six workshops included:

North East FEW. 21 September 2019: Dishforth

‘Great day!’

‘I went to your enforcement meeting today which I found really interesting and very informative.’

North West FEW, 29 September 2019: Warrington

‘I really enjoyed the day and found it very informative and practical. It was good to see the Police, Environment Agency and Angling Trust working closely together to support angling.’

‘It was a good day, despite the weather and worth the journey. I took away some good ideas which I will put to good use.’

South East FEW, 5 October 2019: Pulborough

‘The Angling Trust came across to me at this FEW as a very professional and determined organisation that is going in the right direction. I recently became a member myself last year.’

‘Thank you for putting on the workshop and sending the materials through. As an individual angler I found the session very useful and valuable, and definitely worth the time spent! The agenda was perfect. I learned a lot on many levels, particularly the inter-agency collaboration and how the law applies.’

South West FEW, 12 October 2019: Emersons Green

‘I was very impressed with the workshop yesterday, both with the various presentations and information provided. The Building Bridges Project is fantastic and certainly opened my eyes to the work that is going on. I will be using lots of the migrant worker information during my next club committee meeting. Hopefully I will be able to educate and inform our members and try to reduce some of the prejudice thoughts that people have about Eastern European anglers.’

Midlands FEW, Saturday 19 October 2019: Loughborough

‘Great day, thank you. I would really like to get involved with VBS now and hopefully will be able to next year.’

Eastern FEW, 26 October 2019: Spalding

‘I took a lot of positives away from the workshop organisations. The talks were educational and an eye opener. This will put more confidence into my fishing as I now understand the hard work from all the organisations which is taking place. I have now joined the Angling Trust.’