Lavender Farm,Kent. 03/03/2002

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Sep 18, 2001
Hawthorne AC.
Lavender Farm,Match Lake.

1st P Ollerenshaw 62lbs 02ozs
2nd TE Payne 41lbs 08ozs
3rd Mal Smith 23lbs 02ozs
4th P Morton 18lbs 14ozs
5th R Fell 16lbs 10ozs
6th TG Payne 15lbs 14ozs

Total weighed in by 23 anglers 280lbs+

Lavender Farm Fishery is situated just outside Whitstable in Kent.
It is comprised of two lakes surrounded by orchards,One older,more established and a newer Match Lake that was designed and is run by John "Lasher" Larraman (DELCAC).
Stocked predominantly with Carp (common,mirror & ghost)and carucians,holding 70 pegs, it is very much a pole venue with quite a few features to fish to.Unfortunatly being situated in a small valley it tends to catch any wind that is about .

23 of us assembled for the 8.30am draw (having just cleaned the Little Chef out of change
)A flat calm lake lay before us,with just a hint of frost on the ground and the promise of some sun to come.
Into the drawbag and No22 sticks to my hand,not a bad peg in the summer,but not ideal today,There is an island of reeds to fish to at 13mtrs but it is only 14inches deep and a maximum depth of 3ft at 7mtrs.With no cover on the inside a margin swim is not an option on this peg.
I set up just the two rigs,identical except for the depth consisting of a Preston Carp D float 4x14 on 0.11 powerline with a size 20 PR24 hook on a 0.09 powerline hooklength.One to be fished at 13mtrs at dead depth and likewise the other at 7mtrs.
3 small balls of Sensas Gold with a few pieces of sweetcorn were fed on the 7mtr line,with just loosefed maggot going in at 13mtrs.
The first hour on the 7mtr line yielded not a thing,so a look over was called for and after 20mins away went the float and a nice little carucian of about 8ozs got me off the mark quickly followed by it's twin.Another two hours spent swopping between the lines with no reward and then out of the blue on 13mtrs the elastic goes streaming out revealing a very welcome Ghostie of about 5lbs.Then frustratingly another blank hour followed before the bites started to come in the last hour resulting in another dozen small carp before the whistle.
At the scales i recorded a weight of 18lbs 14ozs,comfortably enough to beat the other 12 anglers either side of me.Unfortunatly the early pegs in the deeper water had produced knocking me back to fourth,one out of the money,but still 7 valuable points towards the club championship.1st is out of sight but there are still 3 of us in with a chance of taking the runner-up slot.
So it's all down to the last match at Hartleylands Farm in 4 weeks time,i'll keep you posted.

(an interesting aside is that with the results of this match,the club has weighed in over 5,000lbs of fish for the first time in a season)

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