Last Tench session of the year


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May 23, 2006
Having read the recent post made by @Zerkalo in the Severn thread, I wish I'd gone with plan A and hit the Severn! Instead I headed to Napton reservoir in search of one last Tench of 2020.

It was a tough old morning for a couple of reasons, firstly the wind made fishing in the peg I wanted to fish very challenging and secondly, there had been a lot of water pumped in from the canal adding a good 2ft to the levels of the reservoirs. This usually makes fishing a little more patchy.

Set up the usual 2 x1.75lb rods, Method feeder and baited with corn on one rod a pop-up on the other. 2nd cast on the corn rod I had a great take and hit into a Tench but after 20 seconds it was off. I then spent 2 hours with nothing despite trying pellet, worm, meat and small boilies.

In the mean time I'd been baiting up a line a rod length out to fish on the float a bit later. I started on corn and had a dozen Roach up to 4oz before switching to half a dendro. This resulted in some nice Perch upto the half pound mark. The feeder rod produced a couple of landing net size Roach and I also lost another decent fish.

I had to be home for 2 so decided last cast would be at 1:15. I stuck on a fresh piece of worm, flicked the float out and straight away it went under. When I hit it I knew it wasn't a small fish, thought it might be a decent Perch. Anyway, the size 16 on 2lb bottom and 4lb mainline held out enabling me to land a decent Tench of 4lb 3oz.

A good day and a nice way to finish my Tenching for the year.

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