Lamnore Match Result - Hambleton

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Mar 29, 2004
Lanmore Fishing Club went to Hambleton Fisheries in Hambleton on Sunday 22nd of May, for their 3rd Victory Shield match of the season.
The weather was an absolute nightmare, when we turned up it was sunny with a stiff breeze, after about 3 hours the wind died down, then it all turned nasty, with heavy rain and thunder and lightning to finish.

The best methods on the day were fishing right next to the margins using pellets as bait.


1st Tom Bateman 11lb 15oz (junior)
2nd Kevin Coulton 8lb 1oz
3rd Stuart Greenwood 7lb 5oz

Thanks to Tony at Hambleton Fisheries for his hospitality, and many thanks to Gerry's of Morecambe fishing tackle shop for their sponser of this match.
The next match will be at Martin Hall Fishery at Preston on Sunday 29th of May.
Anyone interested in joining the club please ring Jason 01524 855818 or Nick 01524 848058

I will draw a decent peg at Whitmore one day!!
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