KORUM ZELOS 4000 feeder reel


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Nov 3, 2021
So I needed a couple of reels as a stop gap until I get my TDRs and thought these Korum zelos 4000s at £48 each looked like they might do the job . 4.6:1 ratio should make them a great feeder reel or so I thought .

£48-£50 is at the lower end as reels go but not exactly budget but I had realistic expectations

I bought 2 and as soon as I opened them I was having second thoughts , they only come in 4000 and 5000 and they are big and very heavy which somehow makes them feel even bigger , They are one of the biggest 4000s I have seen .

Quick folding handle a nice touch but on the downside it is a bit wobbly .

The bale arm is very thin ( strangly the previous model had a much thicker one ) , worryingly so but it clunked shut nicely every time .

The drag is a quick drag and felt smooth in my hand , The drag knob big and easy to grab .

The line clip the metal circular type I like and is easy to get line under quickly

some bits look cheap as you might expect for a reel at this price point but overall a nice enough looking reel imo .

All in all a bit big and heavy but looked nice so I thought I'd give it a shot .

Thats where it all went wrong turns out the quick drag is useless , it's either on or off no middle ground , lost 3 nice fish in a row before realising the drag was rubbish so it was onto backwind , then find out the anti reverse switch is weirdly small and awkward to find underneath making switching to backwind a nightmare if in a hurry . The gear ratio felt slow with no noticeable increase in winding power . The line clip let the line go several times meaning before the end of the session I had put this rod and reel down as I had zero confidence in the reel

yes its £48-£50 but even at this price point it is very disappointing , I have other reels in this price range from cadence , MAP and daiwa that are all far better , Overall a shame because on paper it looked so promising


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bryan white

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May 2, 2011
They really look like the old daiwa tdm ..which if they are is strange , as they are a good reel.


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Jul 10, 2019
I have this reel, And for the money I'd rather buy Daiwa Ninjas, Even if that means adding a tenner towards it. Saying that though, For the budget I wouldnt pick anything over a Ninja.

That said, I don't think it's a bad reel at all and I think you should definitely give them another go. Korums now discontinued Axis line is however the better reel IMO. It was a lot cheaper too at £35 also. I have 5 of them and use them for the majority of my feeder fishing.


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Jun 16, 2022
I have their predecessor (the Korum Feeder reel) in 3000 and I find it excellent. So it seems this "upgrade" is not an improvement.
The feeder reel was only around for a season or two, and from what I remember it was a PI rebadged reel (std drag, 7+1 BB) as they own korum.