Korum Glide 12-14ft Power Float Rod


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Jul 11, 2018
You won't find test curve ratings for the overwhelming majority of float rods. They simply aren't given them. The exceptions to the rule are invariably made by manufacturers that mostly concentrate on carp/barbel/specialist rods. Of the multitude of float rods that have passed through my hands, only the Freespirit Specialist Advanced Float rods have been given a test curve (1lb 6oz). They are also the most powerful of all the genuine float rods I've had. You don't really want to catch anything much less than 10lb on them. The only other company I've seen giving proper float rods (not Avon rods) a test curve rating has been Harrison.
I'd think that the 1lb 6oz quoted Sam is about the rating when a float rod becomes a specialist rod, and fancy match rings won't make it any better. Good post that Sam mate.