Sold Korum Axis 4000 Reel

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Jun 18, 2020
Brand new Korum Axis 4000 Reel. Blurb from Korum here - Korum Axis Reels | Korum
It's in the original box and packaging. I've used it once to spool some line on to it. I then never used it and removed the line. It's never even left the house and been stored the whole time in my home office. Can't see myself using it, so going to get rid of it. Bit of a panic buy over the summer to be honest. It does seem like a nice reel for the money tho. They're normally about £35 + postage.

Price - £25 + P&P
Postage, either:
DPD - £7.79
MyHermes - £4.20

Happy to accept payment via paypal or bank transfer. On balance, I'd prefer bank transfer, so I don't have to pay the fees.

Here's a few photos. Happy to take more if you want.

2021-02-19 21.03.17.jpg 2021-02-19 21.03.45.jpg 2021-02-19 21.04.09.jpg
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