Knypersley Reservoir pike fishing


Feb 17, 2021
Hi guys,

Me and a pal are heading there this weekend. We are hoping to bank a few pike from here with the weather warming up.
Can anyone recommend any spots for us? We are new to the Res(I'm still newish to pike fishing). We will be fishing a drifter float each as well as a spinning rod to keep active. Would be nice to keep this thread alive with as much info as possible moving forward 👍🤞


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Jun 2, 2012
I used to have a season ticket to fish there in the mid 70s - early 80s. Think I got it from a local newsagent/tackle shop in Northwood and if I remember correctly it was Leek & Moorlands waters back then.

Got an old photo somewhere of me sporting my moustache (a must in those days) and posing with a lovely 2lb Perch I had just caught near the dam wall.
Used to catch loads of perch out of there on an open end feeder and worm.

There were always a good head of Pike in there back then and the young jacks would often snatch at fish as we reeled them in. They also destroyed many a keepnet back in those days trying to get at the fish.

I never fished for pike myself up there but did at nearby Rudgard reservoir and during the colder months the pike were always up in the shallows where it was weedy. Is it the same on Knype? Think I would probably talk to any locals up there or ask on social media for any info. Good luck (y)