Kids paying board, yes or no


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Jun 1, 2017
When I was 14/15, in the mid 70s, I worked on a bookstall, that worked 3 different markets: Hoxton Mon-Fri, Dalston Sat and Brick Lane on a Sunday. This meant Fred the owner had two different lock ups that the stall was pulled between.
On a Friday, after school, I would pull it from Hoxton to another lock up about a mile away, on a Sunday, from that Lock up to Brick lane, about two miles, work the day on the stall then pull it back again. On a Monday morning, before school back to Hoxton. For this I earned £10 a week, which wasn't bad pocket money. Although it was bloody heavy!
I joined the Army in 1976 at 16 and was paid £3 a week cash the rest going into a savings book, £10 a week, which we got access to after 14 weeks.