Kid's day at Gold Valley.

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Sep 18, 2001
Saturday 20th.

For the 2nd year running i had the privilege of travelling down to Ash to help out at a kids fishing match at Gold Valley.

This is organised by Gary Hamilton who is the captain of Fox Match Banstead.
It's a fun day out,more than a serious match with the emphasis being on making sure that the kids have a good time and catch a few fish,the proceeds of which are donated to a charity of John Raison's choice.

Arriving nice and early it was straight into the clubhouse for a full english breakfast to set us up for the day,then into the tackle shop to collect the bait.
Then it was back into the clubhouse for "The Draw".
Now at this point we had forgotten to allow for the enthusiasm of a group of youngsters,and by the time everyone had drawn and Gary got up to announce the rules etc,he was speaking to an empty clubhouse as the cavalry charged off to Syndicate lake roflmao.gif

Syndicate Lake.....

At least we had plenty of time to set up,as the all in was at 10.15am.
Fishing with me was young Patrick Corneille 6,and the idea was to keep it simple,just a feeder rod and a 6 mtr pole.
It was a gorgeous day,real t-shirt and shorts stuff and it was straight out on the feeder to try and get an early carp.

"Come on tip,go round"

Well!!!!!!! The best laid plans and all that.This turned out to be the day that the fish didn't want to play,but we soldiered on,and after about an hour the tip sailed round resulting in not the expected carp,but a bream of about 1lb.Still we were off the mark and it was soon followed by it's twin brother! At least we were catching,some others were not so fortunate.
15 minutes till the lunchtime break and BINGO!!! Mr Carp decides to try and take Patrick for a swim,but after a dogged tug-o-war Patrick wins with a nice 5 lb common nestling in the net. thumbsup.gif cheeseburger.gif And now the civilised part,all back to the clubhouse for a spot of lunch & a cold beer before the start of the 3-7 shift

Wanting to try the pole in the afternoon,first put in on the 6 mtr line and CRASH BANG WALLOP,Patrick is briefly connected to a real lump until the hookhold slips crybaby2.gif
Try as we may for another,the only fish to oblige for the rest of the session were a few hungry roach & perch.
With a hr to go the heavens suddenly decide to open and soak everyone,but it can't dampen the kids enthusiasm come the weigh-in.

"What does it weigh?"

Young Talen couldn't lift his net,so enlisted some help..

and he got his Dad and Gary to help show off his biggest Carp (9lb 3ozs)

So back to the carpark for the results and Presentations

1st Talen Hamilton 38lbs 6ozs.
2nd Rachel O'Leary 23lbs 8ozs.
3rd Joe O'Leary 21lbs 8ozs.
4th Charlie Shephard 21lbs 5ozs.
5th Robbie Clampitt 15lbs 10ozs.
6th Cameron 15lbs 8ozs.
7th Mike O'Leary 12lbs 15ozs.
8th Roxanne Finch 11lbs 12ozs.
9th Patrick Corneille 11lbs 8ozs.
10th Kenso (Belgium) 11lbs 2ozs.
11th Abbey Tingley 11lbs 0ozs.
12th Cloe Tingley 5lbs 8ozs.

All the children received a reel & goody bag of fishing bits,with the 1st & 2nd getting landing nets and bait waiters to go with everything else.But the biggest prize of all were the smiles on everyones faces at the end of the day.

Thanks again to Gary Hamilton for organising the whole thing,and rest assured i'll be there to do it all again next year. wave.gif

Peter. jumpfish_e0.gif
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Peter, what a great day you must have had, the look on talen's face, magic sheer magic,
Cracking report and well done to all the people who were involved on the day
i'm going to bait up


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Oct 5, 2001
Peter, absolutely excellent!

Well done!
M/D's should be proud to have a Moderator devote time in such a worthy way!

Great report and Pics. too!



Ziptrev pug.gif Shouldn't happen to a DOG!


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Aug 8, 2001
That's what its all about Peter
Sounds like a cracking day was had by all and there's some excellent weights there as well.

Sorted..... Dave


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Jan 24, 2002
i know personaly the experiance of seeing youngsters catc there first fish &/or win there first match it makes it all worthwhile
well done again

tight lines.
talk fishing flip football
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