Keepnets getting smaller


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Nov 30, 2015
Stop the match angler bashing. Whilst I no longer match fish I still watch many. I fish a number of local club waters and commercials where big weights are caught and retained using multiple nets. The fish in all the commercials remain in good condition despite numerous matches and being retained in nets. The vast majority of match anglers I have seen weighing in are pretty careful. The worst culprits for poor fish handling are the summer sandals beer and deck chair guys who are more out for the day in the sun more than any matchmen I have ever met. There were a few concerns raised last winter about some of the Wye matches with massive weights in one net resulting in some dragging up banks but again the local organisers have insisted on at least 2 nets so it's more manageable for the river matchmen.
Its not about match angler bashing... I fished matches for donkeys years... its about taking ownership... christ when I started match fishing the fish were kept in oiled knotted nets and rolled down into a metal cage... now my club use a mat on the floor under a padded weigh sling... when I was watching BT Sports Fishing on the Bank on Monday and its the UK Championships and come weigh in, watch fish rolled down a net into a weigh bag held on the floor, I ask myself where is the progress...? and if you are honest with yourself you should be asking yourself the same question...!!