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Aug 11, 2001
I've had s**t loads of PMs on here, facebook, instagram and snapchat asking me why i'm rarely on here anymore...simple

1) if someone stands up for the INNOCENT muslims/asians/blacks etc then they are terrorist sypathiser, snowflakes, libtards, traitors to their race etc with their heads buried in the sand when in truth we are the ones able to see the reality and not the divide and conquer techniques the government and their media are pushing

2) if someone tries to point out that there are innocent people being targetted by total ****ing retards who are to stupid to tell the difference between the innocent and the extremists they are then accused of crying racism because the ****tards cannot get it into their heads that not every member of a particular part of society are of the same mindset

3) As far as i am concerned terrorists, nonces, rapists and religious zealots should be locked away down a mine, given a shovel or a pick and left to dig out the coal for the rest of their days with a total ban on their names ever being mentioned in the press etc ever again, in the case of terrorists and nonces they should be tortured for what information they have on others like them but hey, i'm a libtard snowflake so what do i know.

4) Yes i support Corbyn, apparently this makes me an idiot (or any of those descriptions mentioned in the No1)
5) Yes i am against the Zionistic extremists that are screaming "antisemetic" against Corbyn for refusing to accept that saying anything against the country of Israel is antisemetic.
6) Yes i disagree with the murders of innocent men, women and children of any country by ANY group/army/force/country and believe those who call for their slaughter are scum and should be removed from the gene pool

Maggotdrowning has been a massive part of my life for 17 years, all the s**t i've gone through the old school MD family has been there, some have even rang me to ask if there is anything they can do, if i need them all i have to do is ring and they'll make the journey (some of which are at opposite ends of the country) and so many other kind offers for someone who is in all reality a total stranger.

I've had some serious drops in my mental state, even to the point of tying a noose, but MDs has pulled me through and helped me get my black dog back in his cage...in all honesty, MD has saved my life and untold heartache for my wife and kids.

Now though, now the fun has gone, nearly every thread ends up having mentions of racism, politics, terrorism, insults and thinly veiled digs, the cliques have taken over.

I've seen so many forums "evolve" and move with the times and they have ended up sinking into the ever growing cesspool of the internets social medias Sadly MDs isn't MDs anymore, it's now become the common and garden forum you can find anywhere on the net and i see a sorry future for it as it slowly slides down the edge of the abyss and follows the others into oblivion and it's breaking my heart.

So, now you know.
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