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Aug 8, 2001
Hi everyone, this just came through the emails::

Anger at Philip pro-shooting lecture

150412 MAR 10

By Ananova

Animal rights campaigners have criticised the Duke of Edinburgh after he hosted a lecture supporting field sports days before MPs vote on fox hunting.

The House of Commons is due to decide the future of fox hunting on Monday in what is set to be a highly-charged debate.

But Philip provoked anger from the anti-blood sports lobby after he invited a representative from the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, to speak at a meeting of the Royal Society of Arts.

Graham Suggett, a self-confessed shooting enthusiast, argued that sports such as hunting, shooting and angling played a major role in protecting the countryside and encouraging a wide variety of wildlife.

He said: "Shooters, anglers and hunters care about the countryside.

"Countryside sport participants have an empathy with the countryside and its wildlife and are often involved with projects concerning wider aspects of biodiversity.

"Conservation and countryside sports go hand-in-hand. Without this interdependence, biodiversity would be seriously reduced."

The Duke, who is president of the society, chaired the meeting and described the talk as "a very interesting assessment of what goes on in the countryside".

He said "balance" was the key to maintaining a healthy countryside.

But the League Against Cruel Sports said it was "inappropriate" for a member of the Royal Family to host an event supporting field sport at such a sensitive time.

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