just my luck


the bouncer
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Aug 11, 2001
I thought i was going to have a good week...... had a call from the passport office at 0830 yesterday apparently there had been a "bit of a glitch" in the system and there are plenty of appointments available for interviews so we're booked in for thursday...passport should be with us in 7 to 10 days...yayyyyyyy (although still no news on eldest daughters!)

Then of course i thought "must take my tripod to work tonight, the Orionids should be good" ......... got all set up and the sky clouded over booooo :(

0100, sky clears, great thinks i, the best time is around 0200 so i'll still be in luck...but, then the fog moved in at 0140 and it's only just clearing now :mad:

Hopefully tonight will be better, or at least 0200 tomorrow morning when the shower will be at its peak for this year, they are estimating a possible 80 - 100 an hour, so fingers crossed i'll get a few decent shots early tomorrow :)