Jinx Series 2014


Nick Neo Williams
Apr 27, 2003
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The Jinx Series 2014 got off to a flying start with a two day event in April at the inaugural home of the Jinx Series big carp mecca Rolfs Lake in oxford with many of the Jinx regulars and a few guests taking part. Both days were won by 2013 Jinx virgin Mikey Corsini registering a 2 point perfect score closely followed by the Jinster himself Malc Doyle again posting a perfect score only with less overall weight. The highlight of the weekend though was Steve Smiler Wilson taking a dive of peg 22 and swimming in his margin, unfortunately once again nobody managed to snag a picture, shame Mugger Morton wasnt there as he almost always manages a snapshot.
This weekend we have a mix of JINXSTERS and Guests fishing with a total of 16 fishing each day.

So the lake was split into 2 Sections of 8 and it was to be a random draw each day (thanks to Neil for sorting the draw out as although Malc was early he was some how running late lol)

Sections were as follows

34 - 38 - 4 - 5 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 32

13 - 14 - 16 - 18 - 22 - 24 - 26 28

Results Day 1
POS NAME Peg Weight
1 Michael Corsini 38 238lb 7oz
2 Malc Doyle 28 146lb 11oz
3 Neil Riddy 4 111lb 11oz
4 Dai Thomas 7 101lb 10oz
5 Paul Roberts 18 70lb 5oz
6 Clive Pritchard 14 67lb 7oz
7 Paul Jay 9 64lb 11oz
8 Dave Collier 16 62lb 5oz
9 Simon Watkins 32 62lb 1oz
10 Keith Stent 22 43lb 7oz
11 Mark Barret 8 42lb 9oz
12 Richard Doolan 26 29lb 1oz
13 Brenda Stent 5 21lb 5oz
14 Wez Hillier 24 21lb
15 Kev Loveland 13 7lb 14oz
16 Kev Hillier 34 D.N.W[/results]

Results Day 2
Pos Name Peg Weight
1 Michael Corsini 5 159-10
2 Malc Doyle 26 142-5
3 Paul Jay 13 134-11
4 Neil Riddy 4 130-5
5 Steve Wilson 22 104-4
6 Slim 32 95-4
7 Keith Stent 18 93-4
8 Wes 7 85-2
9 Dai Thomas 14 66-2
10 Russell Hill 38 55-11
11 Dave C 16 45-13
12 Little Legs 34 42-15
13 Brenda Stent 28 34-5
14 Simon Watkins 8 34-3
15 John H 9 19-5
16 Paul Roberts 24 DNW[/results]

Pos Name Points Weight
1 Michael Corsini 2 398lb 1oz
2 Malc Doyle 2 289lb 0oz
3 Neil Riddy 4 242lb 0oz
4 Paul Jay 6 199lb 6oz
5 Clive/Steve 6 171lb 11oz[/results]

The Jinx Night Match

It has now become customary that preceding the start of the first Jinx Series Match comes The Jinx Night Match which has become popular with many Jinsters and Jinx followers although tonights match being less well attended than normal it was decided to use The Big Lake part of Rolfs. Now for those of you that follow the Jinx regularly this will come as no surprise, I get a call whilst travelling to Rolfs from Malc, he wont be there at the draw in fact hes unlikely to be there till an hour or so after the start time, can I please organise the draw for him, which I agreed to do with pleasure, after all its not like it was something foreign to me having been a match organiser for many years, even though I gave up that headache a few years ago.
So with the monies collected and names taken the draw was made at 5.30pm for a 7.30pm start fishing till 12.30am. I had Dai Thomas to my right on peg 9 and Mikey Corsini to my left on peg 13, Dave Moore on peg 14, Nick Watkins-Price on peg 16 and Rolfs resident Paul Jay on Peg 18. On the far bank was Kev Loveland on Peg 22, Simon Watkins on Peg 24 with peg 28 being drawn for Malc Doyle and pegs 26 and 32 drawn for anglers who couldnt make the match at the last minute. Thus giving Jinxy Boy an end peg, looks like were going to need more than an hours head start if were to stop him lol.
Due to ill health and transport issues tonights match would be my first time on the bank since the last Jinx match way back in September 2013, so even though looking forward to the match I was going to be rusty as hell, just hope I can land a few fish and get my elastic pulled a bit. Having been informed the peg was fishing well and had won the previous match, no pressure then, I decided to keep things very simple and set up just one pole rig 8mts down the left margin about one metre out from the bank as this is where the majority of fish had been caught and also a small cage feeder for back up. Since I would be using pellet fished over pellet feed my set up was remarkably simple and uncluttered which is ideal for night fishing and reduces the chances of accidents and tackle disasters.
At the all in I potted out a small amount of dampened mixed pellet of 4mm & 6mm feed and went over the top of that with an 11mm banded hard pellet, after a few seconds the float buried and I was into my first fish of 2014, I played the fish for a reasonable amount of time being careful not to lose my first fish, and was duly rewarded with a scale perfect common carp lump going 17lb 4oz on the scales which was a delight after being away from fishing for so long. During the course of the evening and night many more carp came to the net, but being as rusty as an old tin can many more also escaped capture too. A thoroughly good time being had whilst doing so, albeit frustrating at times losing so many fish, while watching wonder boy Mikey bagging up on peg 13. I finished up with 142lb odd for 6th overall not bad for my first outing of the year bagged a ton and had a wonderful time among friends.
An hour of so into the match Malc arrived and got about setting up on peg 28, if you can call plonking your box on the platform and taking out a top kit setting up. Within minutes of him starting he was into fish, Malc style paste fish going on the boards, 19lb this and 18lb that etc etc as he did his usual storming up the inside rail managing to catch up everyone except Mikey while fishing half a match, and almost catching Paul Jay. Having fished with Malc for many years now and seen and experienced this on many occasions it no longer surprises me. It in fact brings back memories of a few years ago now during an evening match at Sylen Lakes back in wales where Malc turns up 1hr 45mins after the all in for a 3 hr match and proceeds to empty it winning the match with 77lb odd 20lb ahead of the rest of us. How he does it is a mystery to me the man is an enigma. Malc you Legend.

Jinx Night Match May 9th 2014 Rolfs Lake Oxford


Pos Name Peg Weight
1st Mike Corsini Peg 13 323lb 11oz
2nd Paul Jay Peg 18 238lb 2oz
3rd Malc Doyle Peg 28 236lb 5oz
4th Dai Thomas Peg 9 205lb
5th Simon Watkins Peg 24 170lb
6th Nick Williams Peg 10 142lb
7th Nick Watkins-Price Peg 16 101lb
8th Dave Moore Peg 14 75lb
9th Kev Loveland Peg 22 60lb[/results]

Well done Mike Corsini winning both the two day opener and the Jinx Night Match, but have you peeked too soon since none of these count towards the Series Championship.

The 2014 Jinx Series at Rolfs Lake Match 1 May 10th

The opening match of The Jinx Series 2014 is finally here after what feels like an eternity although in reality it was only seven months, but for many of us that fish the series myself included is the highlight of our fishing calendar, having given up and retired from match fishing in general I always look forward to the Jinx which is for most of us just a friendly bit of fun with like-minded anglers and it is the banter and mickey taking that make it such a great series to be part of. Malc thanks for the annual invite fishing just wouldnt be the same without the Jinx Series.
Its 5am the morning of the match as we awake in Rolfs car park after spending the night sleeping in our vehicles with Simon Watkins, Dave Moore, Myself and Malc and Mikey in the Love Bug (Malcs Van) I hope he used Vaseline Mikey lol, and we are greeting with rain, well who would have guessed that a Jinx match with bad weather although by 7am it had dried up, no wonder really Malc was off to complete the deliveries he failed to manage to get to yesterday claiming in all good faith he would make it back to do the draw etc. So I went about my business of preparing breakfast and waiting for the call Nick I wont make the draw can you organise the match for me, hmm dj vu Im sure Ive heard this before somewhere, and without fail I received that call as expected. Typically he had not left any paperwork and for once I did not have the laptop with me, but with help from Neil Riddy and internet enabled phones I was able to sort the groups, sections and result sheets with little trouble. The groups being a little shuffled due to the 2013 winner Matt Edwards not returning to defend his title, Dave Wall dropping out of the series and Nick Monkey taking a year out due to work commitments clashing with the series we welcome three Jinx Series Virgins this year. Welcome aboard Wez Hillier, Keith and Brenda Stent, with the rest of the group remaining the same as last year, or as we are collectively known the usual suspects.

Group A
Steve Wilson
Mikey Corsini
Neil Riddy
Malc Doyle
Nick Williams
Simon Watkins
Clive Pritchard

Group B
Tony Roberts
Dai Thomas
Dave Collier
Ade Williams
Terry Goff
Fred Parker
Kev Loveland

Group C
Paul Roberts
Dave Moore
Simon Mound
Marcus Burgess
Wez Hillier
Keith Stent
Brenda Stent

The draw was then made and everyone made their way to their pegs to set for the match. I drew peg 5 which is normally good for a few fish so happy with that although would have my work cut out for me today with such a strong field of anglers in my section which was to be expected considering Im in group A this year following last years performance. Not to worry Ill soon be out of this group and heading back down. In my section I had Neil Riddy on peg 34, Simon Watkins on peg 38, Steve Wilson on peg 40, Clive Pritchard on peg 2, Mike Corsini on peg 4 and Malc Doyle when he eventually arrives on peg 7. To say I was on a hammering to nothing was an understatement and as expected I limped into 7th place in this section at the weigh in. I have that sinking feeling lol. Try as I would I could not catch close in peg 5 today and the wind and tow made fishing long very hard, the feeder wasnt much help either although I did pick up a couple of carp on it. I ended up with 49lb 14oz last in section and 13th overall, the expression down to earth with a bang come to mind.


Pos Name Peg Weight
1st Neil Riddy Peg 34 152lb 15oz
2nd Clive Pritchard Peg 2 115lb 2oz
3rd Malc Doyle Peg 7 110lb 13oz
4th Steve Wilson Peg 40 103lb 6oz
5th Ade Williams Peg 13 101lb 13oz
6th Mike Corsini Peg 4 80lb 6oz
7th Paul Jay (Fred Parker) Peg 28 76lb 11oz
8th Dai Thomas Peg 9 69lb 5oz
9th Paul Roberts Peg 24 65lb 7oz
10th Dave Collier Peg 8 63lb 0oz
11th Simon Watkins Peg 38 60lb 14oz
12th Keith Stent Peg 18 56lb 1oz
13th Nick Williams Peg 5 49lb 14oz
14th Wez Hillier Peg 17 40lb 13oz
15th Marcus Burgess Peg 22 38lb 14oz
16th Gino (Dave Moore) Peg 26 28lb 10oz
17th Tony Roberts Peg 32 28lb 0oz
18th Nick W-P(Terry Goff) Peg 30 22lb 8oz
19th Legs (Simon Mound) Peg 14 18lb 15oz
20th Brenda Stent Peg 15 16lb 10oz
21st Kev Loveland Peg 10 7lb 4oz[/results]


A Section

Pos Name Peg Weight
1 Neil Riddy 34 152-15
2 Clive Pritchard 2 115-2
3 Malc Doyle 7 110-13
4 Steve Wilson 40 103-6
5 Michael Corsini 4 80-15
6 Simon Watkins 38 60-4
7 Nick Williams 5 49-14[/results]

B Section
Pos Name Peg Weight
1 Ade Williams 13 101-13
2 Paul Jay (Fred Parker) 28 76-11
3 Dai Thomas 9 69-5
4 Dave Collier 8 63-0
5 Tony Roberts 32 28-0
6 Nick Watkins Price 30 22-8
7 Kev Loveland 10 7-4[/results]

C Section
Pos Name Peg Weight
1 Paul Roberts 24 65-7
2 Keith Stent 18 56-1
3 Wez Hillier 17 40-13
4 Marcus Burgess 22 38-14
5 Gino (Dave Moore) 26 28-10
6 Legs (Simon Mound) 14 18-15
7 Brenda Stent 15 16-10[/results]

Pairs Results
Pos Name Points Weight
1 Steve Wilson/Malc Doyle 7 214-03
2 Clive Pritchard/Fred Parker 9 191-13
3 Wez Hillier/Neil Riddy 15 193-12
4 Mike Corsini/Simon Watkins 17 141-13
5 Nick Williams/Dave Collier 23 112-14
6 Ade Williams/Simon Mound 24 120-12
7 Tony Roberts/Paul Roberts 26 93-07
8 Brenda Stent/Dai Thomas 28 86-09
9 Kev Loveland/Keith Stent 33 63-05
10 Marcus Burgess/Terry Goff 33 61-06
11 Dave Moore/Simon Mound 35 47-09[/results]

Series Standings after 1st Round.
Pos Name Points Weight
1st Neil Riddy 1 152-15
2nd Ade Williams 1 101-13
3rd Paul Roberts 1 65-7
4th Clive Pritchard 2 115-02
5th Dai Thomas 2 69-05
6th Keith Stent 2 56-01
7th Malc Doyle 3 110-13
8th Dave Collier 3 63-0
9th Wez Hillier 3 40-13
10th Steve Wilson 4 103-06
11th Marcus Burgess 4 38-14
12th Tony Roberts 4 28-0
13th Michael Corsini 5 80-15
14th Brenda Stent 5 16-10
15th Kev Loveland 5 7-4
16th Simon Watkins 6 60-4
17th Nick Williams 7 49-14
18th Fred Parker 10 0-0
18th Dave Moore 10 0-0
18th Terry Goff 10 0-0
18th Simon Mound 10 0-0[/results]

Roll on Jinx Match no 2 on Saturday May 30th 2014


Red Leader
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Aug 8, 2001
Excellent report Nick, it alomost felt like I was there [:D]


Nick Neo Williams
Apr 27, 2003
I remember the days when you were there Mr Red Leader and your feederless feeder [:)] . Then again i've been there almost forever lol.

You would of thought by now i'd have some time knocked off for good behaviour.



Red Leader
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Aug 8, 2001
I think the price of diesel and the 360mile round trip in a day put paid to it Nick.
3 hours travelling there, 5 hours fishing, and 3 hours travelling back made it a long expensive day [:)]