It's a Hospital Car Park For Crying Out Loud - Literally


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Apr 13, 2020
As an ex taxi driver, I've parked moved and in one instance taught an elderly gentleman how to use his Mercedes parking break, the strange foot operated one on the floor.

Picking people up from all the usual places where parking is tight frowned upon or just plane blocking the way, my normal response was a smile and wave, this normally caught the irate driver off guard as they try to remember if they know you, after this has worn off, there next step if they were brave they got out the car and taped the window at this point they were told for the purpose of loading and unloading a vehicle I could block a road for 20 minutes without prior warning.

My favorite was to inform the irate driver that the longer they talked to me the longer it would take me, and the best thing they could do is get back in there car and wait.

@Robwooly well done you, so few people are willing to stick there head above the parapet, everyone is frightened of the potential consequences we've forgotten how to be decent humans.