It’s enough to make you throw a sickie


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Jul 19, 2020
Dropped into Neville on the way home yesterday to see how it’s looking prior to a session Saturday morning.

Group of lads being “recreational” in the first two pegs but 4 lads with very organised carp setups on the “island” peg.

Stopped for a chat, they had had one in a couple of hours but fish showing all over. Well within 5 minutes a rod out in the middle screamed off and whilst that was coming in a rod against the reedbeds did the same.

Well the outcome was this :


A 6lb common but a 7.5lb mirror 😱

It’s the first big mirror I’ve seen out of the lake in the 3yrs I’ve fished it and it was gorgeous.

The drive into work this morning hasn’t been easy knowing the fish are on the feed