Is anyone fishing this weekend?


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Jan 19, 2013
Will be on the waggler at some point tomorrow.
Sunday - staying in doors dry and warm!
Fortunately went mobile with drop shot rod yes afternoon.
One nice Perch around 1.5lb, static angler using two rods all day didnt have a bite.


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Aug 28, 2006
Fished a new stretch of the B Avon nr Melksham Yesterday.

River dropping and in decent nick with plenty of colour.

Time issues meant I could only fish for 1hour 50 mins.

Trotted bread on a 12 to 4lb line with liquidised feed.

Surprisingly deep swim (9ft) which was unexpected as I’ve fished the stretch below and it’s really shallow.

Took a 15ft rod which was a mistake as ~I was hampered by overhanging trees.

1hour 20 mins no bites. Then had a roach about 14oz, then 2 more one of which looked like a roach/bream hybrid (thanks MW).

Time for one more bite which felt like a really big roach. I played it carefully up the swim and at the net It mysteriously turned into a chub about 2.12 !!

Shame I couldn’t stay as the fish were starting to come to the feed. I will return once the river has subsided from today’s rain.