Ireland 2020 who's going?

neil fallows

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May 4, 2003
I Think that 2021 will be a stay in the UK year, for the family holidays and fishing breaks.
The guy l usually travel to ireland with, would now rather go there for a golf break, and to go to a couple of horse race meetings, both of which l enjoy but can take them or leave them, would rather be fishing.
I am trying to get another mate interested in going to ireland with me, he has never been, but he seems to like the idea, but time will tell, could do with him making his mind up soon, then l can book the ferry and use my concession.

@baldpaul l am gussing that you are referring to Alf and his van, doing guided tours, via Anglers World?
an awful bloke.
That was my thought but after bumping in to each other in Holland i have regular chats with him. He is actually a nice chap. Remember how many trips a year he did to Holland each year so people wanted what he offered. Not for me with all those in a house ,but those who went generally wanted to sit on the Voorne all week and enjoyed it.