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Mar 10, 2019
Ah that explains it then didn't think it could be that tough at other times. Yeah it's peters match result thread I was going off for pines.

I'd also agree on that regarding the winter. I'd back myself to catch on rivers inall but the coldest weather but I'm on stillwaters I'm only really confident from April to October. I think it's because fish can more or less hibernate in stillwaters but can't in rivers as they need to feed more to deal with the flow. In the warmer months I'd say there's not much difference between the two at their best but it is on average easier on stillwaters than rivers for me.

It is all probably a bit skewed by me probably spending at least 3 times as much time on rivers than stillwaters though.


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Dec 19, 2012
I generally follow that rule too. When I fished Sion Farm, first time I'd been so didn't realise the size of the fish, I fished 0.15 Reflo hooklength and had a 22lb Carp but lost 2 so would definitely fish heavier if I fished there again, probably on rod and line instead of a pole too. You probably only need 6 fish there and you're over a ton which would be a very good day. Although I fished there in Winter expecting to catch the Roach you get loads of there in Summer and blanked along with 3 other people on the lake. That was going to be my Winter Silverfish venue until then too.
Our very own baggin machine @rob6709 has won a fair few matches at Sion Farm , catching those big bruisers on his Daiwa Whisker pole 💪💪💪💪🐳🐬🐟🐋🦈