Interesting roach fishing session


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May 31, 2019
Yesterday Mrs Whizz and I went to Birch House Lakes to fish for roach on the silvers only pond. Well I say we although it was me who actually fished as usual whilst Mrs W trawled the internet on her iPad. It was about an hour before I caught anything though I’d had some nudges throughout that time. I then had an absolutely whopping take which bent my rod in half. Obviously it wasn’t a roach so I played it as gently as I could only using 3lb line and a size 18 hook. Turned out it was a 12lb carp. It wasn’t that long but had a massive belly on it (kind of like me really). I duly returned it to the water and proceeded to fish for roach again. I was fishing double maggot on a size 18 QM1 with a small cage feeder in an area where I could see bubbles appearing throughout my time sitting there. It was a little while before my rod went round again and it was obviously not a roach for a second time. A 4lb mirror in fact. I repeated the whole exercise and waited a further hour before I had another take. Fairly gentle this time but as I began to wind it in it became obvious it was another carp. A common this time. I didn’t bother to weigh it this time but it was probably a bit under 2lb.

I enjoyed the morning very much but I never had a single roach, or any other silver for that matter. Apparently there are a few stray carp in the lake but just how many a few is had me wondering. I’ll go back and have another go next week. There isn’t really a way to avoid the carp and to be honest I don’t mind catching them but I’d love to catch some silvers on there as well lol.