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Apr 23, 2008

that was the weekend that was, bit more detail in prep for this weeks account as it has a bearing on the result

thursday, 11 am

on the internetweb, ordering the live bait from Willys Worms, half gallon of disco maggots please, managed to get the discount code to work this time, such a simple thing that had escaped the inner workings of the chipsters mind on a previous order, all I had to do was type it in in upper case MAG30 instead of mag30, simple eh, ???

Friday 10am

tap on the door that was answered by the ever vigilant small black guarding type dog with a plethora of barking noises, suitably alerted and the entranceway opened to see the smiling delivery fella fom APC standing there with a package for me,

package opened and revealing a cardboard box containing a vac pack of multi coloured gentles, quick snip with the scissors and they are tumbling into an old washing up bowl

now, when first opened, they are a bit of a dissapointment to look at, all stretched and immobile, and to tell the truth, they pen and ink a bit too, the fine sawdust that they are packed in is damp, so a bit of cares required to bring the up to scratch

stick them in an open topped bowl, for a good couple of hours at room temp, allowing the partially suffocated grubs to breathe again, once mobile and wriggling, get yourself a pinkie riddle and clean off the old dust, its surprising the amount thats there, it half fills a 3 pint fox bait box,

myself, my preferred method is to seperate the half gallon into single pints, half filling 2 pint fox maggiboxes with them and adding a generous amount of sawdust to each box, fit the lid and give em a good shake about, then stash the boxes on the lowest shelf available in the bait fridge

(sawdust is cheaply available at most pet shops, I buy "pets-at-homes" compressed bales, about 2 litres I think is the amount, comes out at a couple of quid, lasts for a fair while)


9.00 am,

out with the maggots again and another session of riddling, they are looking much better now, tightened up to good fat little things, the quick blast of room temp has them wriggling around like little demons, discard the previously added sawdust, which has taken on the colour of the gentles, and add a handfull more to each box, the smell has gone by now and they are ready for use


sees me at the bench, checking over the kit required for sundays match, replacing hooks, topping up the stotz and split shot tubs, and giving the pole and whips a wash and polish, easily done with just warm water and tesco cheapo washing up liquid, and a rub over with a cloth soaked with a bit of "Autoglym" this makes the sections slide easy through the hands and shines em up wonderfully


On goes the wireless, radio London for todays 6 pointer match at Selhurst park, Sunderland at home, Im buzzing for this after the earlier win in the week at Bournemouth and the transfer windows aquisition of new quality players to the squad, c'mon you Eagles !!!!


feeling suicidal, 4-0 down in just the first half


dont ask, feels like I just been beaten up,


wench arrives home, by now Im feeling really down, even she notices, never mind says she, "its only football", sometimes I wonder wether she's on the same planet as me !

coupla beers sees the evening through, couldnt even watch MOTD, just couldnt, put I-player on and watched episode 3 and 4 of "the last kingdom", a new series starts soon on the beeb, and Ive decided to watch the 1st series all over again in prep



Im fitfully dozing off, my mind just wont stop, its all over the place, dreaming and fidgetting about until I get out a bed and go downstairs

4.00 am,

he wants to go out, pestering me till I get out the chair and walk him

no time now for a proper sleep, coffee and a smoke or two sees me start functioning as a zombie, might as well start loading the van for todays 6th round of the NG floats and tackle Winter silvers league at chequertree fishery,

6.30 am,

the key flicks the deisel engine into life, fan on to clear the misty windows and off down the road, passing again the still being refurbed maccy d's drive through at folkestone, I head in the direction of the one at ashford,

A fiver later, two sossie and egg baps are being consumed and Im on my way to the venue,

pulling up in the car park, the usual combatants are assembling with a few guest anglers present, Im greeted by Jonesy the MO with the normal insults and banter and hand over the match and pools fee's, delving my hand into pandoras bag and clutching the token that proudly declares "lucky for some" Peg 13 !

Far bank again, deeper water peg, not the greatest but a fair draw, a capable framing peg, doesnt often produce the winner, but holds fish, good carping peg in the summer matches

off I trundle, to find that Im in between two of the carshalton angling clubs members, both of em new to the series this year, johnno johnson to my left and trevor pavitt to my right with Jonesy one peg further up to my right, (a pound side bet was quickly agreed with the medway match angler)

box and nets quickly set up, baits for today was the Maggot, couple slices of tesco cheapo thick sliced and a can green giant niblets,

4 kits

first kit was the "workhorse", top 4 to hand NG white hollow 6-10 elastic, 0.14 shimano rig line, 0.10 hooklength, size 18 drennan siverfish maggot hook, NG Finesse glass stemmed 0.6 float, bulk shotted at 10 ins from the hook with a single no10 dropper 4 ins from the hook

second kit, was the same but only a top 3 length

third kit, was a Hillbilly floats Gazzunder 6x10, rig and hook lines as above, set up for the margin swim to my right

forth kit NG XT jordan wire stemmed 0.3, rigs as above, shotted to get the hook down straight away this was for the margin to my left


out went the workhorse, feeding loose maggot, float cocked, bobbed and lift, fish on,

well you might call it a fish, in reality it was see through, one of the smallest roach Ive ever caught, no more than 1.5 ins long, and probably of last years hatch, how a bite from it had ever shown on a float that was about 5 times its weight is a mystery

more feed, and each margin recieved a handfull in prep for the later attack, another bite and yet another micro roach, bit bigger this time, about half ounce,

half hour in and all I could catch was exceedingly small roach, had nicked around 20 of them by now and the total weight might with luck total 8 ounces

johnno to my left seemed to be doing better, taking a few skimmers and trev to my right was hitting better roach, even Jonesy was in front of my paltry catch, a re-think was needed

shallowing up to 6 inch off bottom, things took a turn for the better, I was now catching 2 ounce redfins with the occasional monster going 3 or 4 ounce, not good enough

johnno had a few bigger snotties and was racing ahead, things was looking ominous for a propa next peg battering

big bite, laccy streaming out, solid resistant on the end of the rig, the white hollow was stretched out halfway to the island before the hook length let go, carp, decent one too, but that was no help to me, only silvers count, looking at the sharp end of the rig, showed a bent almost straightened out hook,

try summat else mick

the margin to the right was pretty clean, just an earth bank, no sticky ups for cover and to fish too, but summat had to change, so out went the gazzunder, more loose feed to tempt the redfins, but the same result as out to front, more micro roach, give that up as a bad job

where were the decent fish,

the margin to the left has a bit of a point sticking out towards the lakes overflow vent, there was a set of bushes on this point until last year when the bank was remodelled and they were cut down, and the cover provided a decent fish holding swim, so this was the next attack

the plunbing up had showed a foot of water right next the point, with a shelf around 18 inches out from that dropping to around 30 inches deep further out,

the gazzunder rig was hurriedly re plumbed for close to the bank work, and the workhorse for just up against the drop off

feeding gentles, the rig was flicked out into the deeper water next the drop off, couple minutes wait and the float dissapears, this time the quarry felt better, swinging in a 4 oz roach, it was quickly netted and out again, more fish, better sized than the straight out or right hand margin, but still smaller than what I was expecting,

head down now, banging, feed , in, out, had a giggle when johnno lost a beast of a bream at the net "No one likes to see that mate" but now the fish race was on,

feed, out, hook, in, feed, out, hook, in,

massive swear up when I hooked into a decent pound plus fish and the hook pulled at the net, few reciprial comments came my way from the bream bumper then, Touche mate

rest of the match was a blur until the whistle came for the all out

had a 4 ouncer on then, "fish on" came the call, from both me and johnno, but his was a half pound skimmer

still, match ovet,

scalesmen arriving, 1st to weigh was john "end peg" robinson, 32lb 12oz skimmers and roach, this would prove to be the top weight of the day (4 matches wins from 6 gigs, mr consistent)

jonesy weighed 13lb 9oz, ( my ass was twtching then)

johnno had 25lb 4oz

and I weighed hundreds of small roach for a net of 20lb 9oz, (more than I thought, biggest fish was prob no more than 6oz and very few of them)

other notable weight was ,martin charnock, 28lb 2oz for 2nd place off peg 6, very good weight from there

Didnt get my Jonesy pound coin !

I picked up 8 league points for 5th place on the day, with the 3rd and 4th place league anglers scoring less, I got a bit closer to them, but still in 5th place overall

pretty sure the lack of sleep and depression contributed to my not very clear thinking and ability to sort out a better weight on the day

next round at monks lake 4 in two weeks
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Apr 4, 2008
As always Mick nice write up
That sawdust you use is it really fine?
Some good weights really recorded considering how cold it was yesterday


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Sep 18, 2001
Excellent report as always Chippo.[:T]


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Dec 16, 2003
No frame Mick? Might have to re think out sponsorship agreement[:p][:D]

20lb of roach is still a decent days fishing[:T]

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Jul 18, 2011
Very informative and entertaining read [:T]
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