Incident with bin wagon


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Jun 1, 2017
I'm quite sure it is a legal obligation? @Chervil ?
The driver of the motor vehicle must stop and, if required to do so by any person having reasonable grounds for so requiring, give his name and address and also the name and address of the owner and the identification marks of the vehicle.
If for any reason the driver of the motor vehicle does not give his name and address, he must report the accident.
A person who fails to comply is guilty of an offence.

It details are not exchanged, it has to be reported to police within 24 hours.

Realistically, there will not be a crime report and, if they still, exist, it would be dealt with by the process section. There is a good chance that as soon as details are exchanged, unless there are other offences, it will be left in the hands of the insurance companies.